Bathroom Storage Ideas

October 13, 2016

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom storage: For you the phrase is an oxymoron. A bevy of cabinets and a nifty vanity? No way.  In your bathroom, towels end up competing for precious space with cleaning supplies and general toiletries, creating a room that’s the antithesis of relaxation.

But your commode is no lost cause. Even if you’re not blessed with built-ins you can cobble together these free-standing solutions to create a well-organized space where everything has its own place.

Consider a storage unit. If installing extra cabinets is a budget no can do, purchase free-standing storage like a rolling shelf unit or a set of cabinets. Most options are meant to be space savers, so they give you adequate storage for everything from towels to toilet paper, without taking up the entire bathroom, by fitting over a toilet. And as a bonus, they cost hundreds of dollars less then getting custom built-ins.

Shelves are a bathroom’s best friend. Plagued by lack of floor space? Store above instead of below. Installing shelves along the wall, or even placing a free-standing bath tower or cabinet over the toilet can create much needed extra space.

Baskets divide and conquer. Shelving and cabinets (if you have them) can quickly go from neat to nightmare — especially in a kid’s bathroom. Baskets are a cheap, easy way to give everything its own place and keep hard-to-wrangle items like tub toys and hair accessories from taking over. Go one step further and label each basket. Guests will be impressed with your organizational skills and your kids will have no excuse when it comes to putting things back where they belong.

Discover the back of the door. This often forgotten area can be a great place to hang towels and bathrobes. Install hooks, a towel bar, or go for something a little less permanent and squire an over-the-door solution.

Cabinet organizers keep chaos at bay. You use them to keep your kitchen in shape and we’re here to tell you they work just as well in the bathroom. Sliding baskets, tiered cabinet shelving, and even back-of-the-door solutions are must-haves for storing and organizing cleaning products, medicines and general toiletries. They also prevent items from getting sucked into the black hole at the back of the cabinet.

Hampers aren’t just for clothes. If you have enough floor space and no linen closet, an extra hamper can be a clever spot to store towels, toilet paper and even extra sets of sheets. Choose one with a lid to keep items completely out of sight.

Caddies aren’t just for golfers. They’re also a must-have for bathrooms without under-the-sink storage options. No we’re not talking about a handsome young man to hold your shampoo, but a bath caddy you can add in your shower. These handy-dandies come in a variety of styles and sizes and are made for storing razors, loofahs, soap and any other sundries you may need to lather up.


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