How To Hang Curtains Like An Interior Designer

October 24, 2016

How To Hang Curtains Like An Interior Designer

Hanging curtains isn’t so simple. Place them too low and your space loses its wow factor. Choose impractical fabric and you end up returning them to the store. Select the wrong rod and the entire window treatment looks mismatched (yikes!).

Follow these expert tips to get the job done right the first time:

Aim High

The easiest way to give your room a facelift is to hang drapes close to the ceiling. Suddenly, the space will feel more open, explains Sherry Hope-Kennedy of Studio SHK. For lower-set windows, hang window treatments at least 6 inches above the frame or a little higher than halfway between the ceiling and the window, she says.

Go Long

Aim for curtains long enough to skim or puddle on the floor, according to Tiffani Stutzman of Tiffani Stutzman Design. For example, the ideal drapery length for 8-foot ceilings (96 inches) with 4 inches of crown molding would be 92 inches. Choose the nearest standard length, without going lower, and either let them puddle on the floor or hem them. If you choose the latter, be sure to mount the rods and drapes first, so you know exactly how much to shorten.

Select Fabric Wisely

Natural materials will hang and fold nicely. “The fabric should have what we interior designers call a ‘nice hand’ like it will fall in soft ripples,” says Jeff Fiorito of Jeff Fiorito Interior Design. Be sure to choose a fabric that fits your lifestyle. For example, opt for curtains that are easy to clean, if you have young kids and pets.

Find the Right Rod

Rods, rings, and finials (the decorative end caps that screw onto the end of the rod) should complement the curtains and the room’s décor. Select a narrow, sleek rod for a contemporary space. A thicker, dark-colored rod would look right at home in a room with walnut wood pieces. When it comes to length, “Think of the rod as a picture frame,” Hope-Kennedy says. Extend it 10-12 inches past the width of the window on both sides. Now you’re ready for a curtain call.


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