9 Fancy Gifts for Some Very Lucky People

November 25, 2016

9 Fancy Gifts for Some Very Lucky People

You know those holiday stories about gift-giving on a shoestring budget? This isn’t one of them. This is about grand, first-class finds that are by no means modest. For those who are flush enough to afford to splurge (or just want to see how the other half gives), feast your eyes on these gifts.

1. For Vogue Men 

He doesn’t wear a watch to tell time (he’s got a smartphone for that). He wears a timepiece as an au courant accessory, a status symbol that says, “I won at life.” Classic, timeless brands like Brooks Brothers never go out of style. For understated refinement, go for an elegant leather strap, or try an edgier, stainless steel design for a contemporary look.

2. For Upscale Urban ‘Farmers’

Beekman 1802 embodies a particular rural fantasy that includes dairy goats, heirloom gardens, and exceptionally chic furniture pieces like curvy iron-frame beds and mid-century modern chairs that prove a home on the range can still be fabulous.

3. For Silver Platter People

It doesn’t get any classier than sterling silver serving pieces by Reed & Barton. If the heritage brand’s opulent sterling silver trays are a bit too posh for you, try Marchesa by Lenox—and yes, that’s the same Marchesa that designs wedding dresses.

4. For Java Elitists

 This group is hard to please—but a Jura Impressa will win over even the most selective sipper. The Swiss brand’s coveted “coffee center” (not a mere machine) brews exquisite coffee and espresso in seconds. It also froths and steams milk and sports built-in grinders for a truly gourmet experience.

5. For Noble Sportsmen

What’s a guy to do when the big game is over? Challenge his buddies to a competitive match of foosball played on a classy (yes, classy!) foosball table. American Heritage crafts its models from handsome, sturdy wood cases and tournament-quality accents and players.

6. For the Wine Crowd

Coolers by Wine Enthusiast—a notable and respected authority in the vino world, are a dream gift for serious oenophiles. Top-tier models boast high-tech touch screen interfaces, digital temperature controls, and elegant casings that befit the high-value vintages inside.

7. For Jaunty Jet-Setters

Black nylon luggage is so been-there. Treat your favorite globetrotter to a collection of travel bags by Bric’s. Their handsome, durable duffles, trim totes, and dopp kits will give your loved one more incentive to stay on the go.

8. For Fresh Juice Junkies

Why do these folks seem to glow from within? Because they live on organic protein smoothies and green juice drinks whipped in the best blenders money can buy. Blendtec’s high-tech models meet the demands of discriminating “greenies,” thanks to innovative touch sliders for speed control and high-powered motors that crush whatever may be found at the organic market.

9. For Diamond Divas


She gushes at jewelry commercials and knows the diamond clarity chart by heart. And because of her excellent taste, you feel pressure to choose well. Our shortcut: Birthstone bling. Select the appropriate month, and then narrow your picks by jewelry type. Easy.


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