Apps and Experts That Can Save Your Thanksgiving

November 16, 2016

Apps and Experts That Can Save Your Thanksgiving

Last year, the meat thermometer failed; the grocery store aisles resembled rush-hour roads; outspoken Uncle Barry debated politics with everyone around the table. But this year will be different. Here, apps and experts that can save the day.


For Your Road Trip, Try Waze and GasBuddy

In 2015, the American Automobile Association projected that nearly 42 million Americans would take a road trip for Thanksgiving averaging at least 50 miles. Having a traffic and navigation app might come in handy. Besides guided turn-by-turn navigation, Waze also uses reports from other drivers to provide real-time alerts on traffic, accidents, potholes, and even the location of police. And when you’re ready to stop for gas, an app called GasBuddy will locate the cheapest station near you. (Both apps are free on iTunes and Google Play.)

For Your Waistline, Try Fooducate

More than just a food log and activity tracker, Fooducate also scans barcodes of packaged foods (or looks up any item in its directory) and delivers a grade of A to F, based on nutrition labels and ingredients. It also offers healthier substitutions, recipes, and community support. A food scale wouldn’t hurt either. (Free on iTunes and Google Play.)

For Stress Reduction, Try Headspace

The 10-minute, guided meditations on Headspace will help you maintain your Zen, no matter what Uncle Barry says at the dinner table. It may also be wise to add a dose of relaxing essential oils. (Free for 10-day trial on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.)


To Please Picky Eaters, Check Out Gina Homolka

Author of the The New York Times best-seller “The Skinnytaste Cookbook,” Homolka has plenty of ideas (recipes included!) about what to serve your calorie-conscious, gluten-free, paleo-loving, or just-plain-finicky dinner guests. Follow her on Twitter or check out her blog.

To Organize Your Mind (and All That Holiday Stuff in the Basement), Check Out Jen Jones

Soon, you’ll have to face that scary tangle of holiday lights and mismatched decorations. Consider Jen Jones of “I Heart Organizing” your holiday BFF. With project galleries, DIY step-by-step guides, and best storage practices-a-plenty, Jones shows you how to whip any junk drawer or clutter-filled space into something beautiful, simplified and, of course, organized. Follow her on Pinterest or check out her blog.

To Answer Turkey Day Design and Food Questions, Check Out This Video

Design pro Kyle Schuneman and Sam The Cooking Guy share their problem-solving wisdom. Click here to watch the video!


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