10 Hilariously Useful Holiday Hosting Tips from Ellen

December 09, 2016 46

10 Hilariously Useful Holiday Hosting Tips from Ellen

By Above & Beyond

Hi, Everyone! It’s me, Ellen–talk show host by day, hostess with the mostest by late afternoon/early evening. I’m gonna be honest: What you do in your bed, bath, and beyond is absolutely nobody’s business. Except for mine. And that’s why I’m here to offer you 10 wonderful ways to bring more cheer and merriment into your beds, baths, and beyonds throughout the holiday season.

1. Smile

It’s one of the simplest things you can do to spread holiday cheer. Even if you’re feeling stressed, smile. Even if you bite into one of Aunt Susan’s biscuits, and it chips all your front teeth (again!), smile. And if for any reason you forget to smile, one of my mugs will kindly remind you.

2. Nap

Why is it only acceptable for babies to nap?  Babies don’t wake up early to start cooking a big holiday meal, and set the table for 20 just so four people can cancel at the last minute (none of the guests with food allergies, of course). And babies don’t forget to take the soufflé out of the oven until the smell of burnt corn reminds them. Then, when they do take out the soufflé, they drop it because it’s so hot. Come to find out, there’s a hole in the holiday oven mitt, which definitely wasn’t there last year. Or maybe it was–who knows?–they ended up using it straight through July.

(Babies don’t do all that, do they? Full disclosure: I do not have a baby.)

Everyone can use a nap. And there’s no better way to take one than with a super-cozy comforter that reminds you of what’s really important–love and supple fabrics.

3. Sleep

This is not to be confused with napping. A nap is a short rest to hold you over, while a good sleep can replenish your whole energy supply. It’s like how snacking isn’t really eating, which is why I just snacked an entire nine-inch apple pie. Anyway, there’s no substitute for a good night’s sleep. A well-rested host is a happy host. And my sheets will snuggle you so hard, you’ll want to kiss them under the mistletoe.

4. Drink


It doesn’t have to be alcohol, although that is a great idea. It can be hot cocoa, hot apple cider, or a nog of some sort. Stay well-hydrated, and keep your guests happy with a fine beverage served in an even finer mug.

5. Stay warm


I’m not a “doctoratician,” but I do know one thing: Heat escapes through your feet. Either your feet or your head. You know what? It might be your head. Doesn’t matter. You have to keep your feet warm, too. And not just warm–you have to keep them adorable. So, get some adorable new socks. Put ‘em on, light a fire, and lay down next to it, even if you live in Los Angeles, and it’s 85 degrees.

6. About those socks

I’m gonna stick with socks for this tip because I feel strongly about it. If you or anyone you know has a hole in your sock where your big toe sticks out, it’s time to get a new pair. It happens to everyone; it’s nothing to get upset about. But there’s a good chance you’re gonna visit someone’s house over the holidays who wants you to take your shoes off. And if you’re the person who reveals a giant hole in your sock, it’ll be a long ride home with your significant other/friend/own conscience.

7. Swap out pillows


You know that old expression:  A pillow a day keeps the doctor away? Well, I’ve got you covered. Swap out decorative pillows for a new look and a new message every day. One day, you’re showing how much you love love. The next day, you’re showing that you love cute dogs, too! Your guests will be like, “Did you redecorate your whole house since the last time I was here?!” And you’ll be like, “Yes. Yes, I did. So, please take off your shoes.” (See tip 6!)

8. Throw something

But not at anyone. I mean throw a throw blanket on the sofa. Throw a throw pillow on the bed before you throw your holiday party. Also, be sure to throw something on to wear that makes you feel good. Wanna throw on a throw? I’m not here to stop you.

9. Make goody bags

Who doesn’t like getting a goody bag at the end of a party? How about a goody mug? Fill it with candy (or coal if your guests have been naughty), and send them off into the night with a memorable treat and/or lesson on their behavior.

10. Be kind

Spread love and joy. The holidays are all about family and friends. I’m kidding–they’re about gifts. I’m kidding–they’re about both. So, whether you’re inviting people to your home or going to theirs, get the word out on love, kindness, and joy. My pillows and mugs can’t stop talking about them.

-Ellen DeGeneres

Comments (46)

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Ellen’s tips. hahaha I really needed a good chuckle

    - evelyn
  2. Love Ellen Degeneres!!

    - Pat Murphy
  3. Ellen is so funny and such a kind person! She likes cat videos and so do I! She is all about being kind to one another and that is what it is all about!

    - Lisa
  4. Ellen is so funny I love her daytime shows. She has some nice items here. I will have to ck them out. Looking forward to some more of her funny tips.

    - Jonetta adams
  5. Ellen is exceptionally Brilliant ! I do not watch day time tv but… what little bit I’ve seen and heard why she is an amazing person ! I wish I had just a touch of her class! and oh.. This picture would be the most beautiful Christmas card! Merry Christmas ??

    - Nancy whiting
  6. Thanks, Julia! We hope to have Ellen stories more often.

    - Chee Gates
  7. Excellent decor trick, Chris. You sound like a pro. Thanks for sharing!

    - Chee Gates
  8. We’re still smiling! Thanks, Rachel.

    - Chee Gates
  9. Ellen’s tips had us ROTFL! Thanks for your comment, Mindy.

    - Chee Gates
  10. love it! You can’t help but laugh and smile regarding her tips. Can Ellen come to my house for the holidays?

    - Mindy
  11. Love, Love, Love it! It made me SMILE!
    Thanks Ellen!
    Happy Holidays! 🙂

    - Rachel Ruiz-Davis
  12. LOVE Ellen and Love the Tips….actually good tips for Every Day…Love, Sleep, Drink, Nap, Spread Love-Joy-Kindness…Smile…Always. Thanks – Happy Holidays. : )

    - Smiley
  13. LOVE Ellen and Love the tips…Love, Sleep, Drink, Nap, Spread Love and Kindness…SMILE…Always! Thanks and Happy Holidays! : )

    - Smiley
  14. I read the 10 ideas, and I realized that Ellen’s ramblings are the way my brain thinks… we must be twins! My sister changed the expression “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” to “Chris, your mind is a terrible thing!” That’s what she thinks!
    One of the things I learned about decorating is this: when you use a raw umber grey/brown on the master bedroom walls, and neutral shades of bed linens, the sky is the limit. We did just that… and use deep teal blue and/or burgundy for colder months, and spring it up with lemon yellow, citrus green & a soft peach for accents. The best thing is those same decorative accents can be interchanged with any other bedroom or office. I love when things come together. Thanks, Ellen! Holiday Cheer to you and yours!

    - Chris
  15. Love Ellen!! We need more upbeat and happy in our lives!!

    - lisa krawczyk
  16. Thank you for the great tips Ellen. Hosting can be so stressful but you make it fun. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

    - Joni
  17. Ellen, funny as ever!!! Love her!

    - Sherry
  18. I absolutely love Ellen. She happens to be 1 of my favorite comedians & I watch her show every day. I loved the article. Things like that are needed to make you just take a minute from your hectic holiday preparations & laugh.

    - Robin Peck
  19. I absolutely love Ellen so much, her laugh, dancing and generosity keep me coming back for more. I am a fan and have been for a long time!! Good job Ellen ❤️ You.

    - Cheryal Bryant
  20. Ellen you are the kind of person everyone should be or want to be! Keep smiling

    - Andrea
  21. Made me Smile and laugh!

    - Jeannette grusnick
  22. Love all of these ideas! Thanks Ellen!

    Merry Christmas ?

    - Charlene Henderson
  23. Cute form of advertising!

    - Kathy
  24. I love Ellen! My boss turned me on to her when I started working for a small town jeweler & her dancing & generosity & kindness makes me joyous on a daily??

    - Karen K Juengling
  25. Love the mugs, pillow, sox, ok….I just love everything , I know I should have a favorite and things are a bit tight this year so I need to pass on them but Ellen If things are better next year (and I hope you do it again next year) I promise I’ll buy something…Ellen I’m so blessed by your heart for others I wish I could do the same or at least volunteer year round !!
    Thank you Ellen for who you are and for that heart full of love you have.., your such a blessing !!

    - Dona B
  26. You should have Ellen’s tips frequently. She is a hoot. P.S. I think I’m coming in to buy new throw pillows and a bunch of mugs!! Don’t really know why.

    - Julia
  27. Awesome!!! I’m getting the socks for my girls stockings. after my flu goes away.
    Love you Ellen.

    - Esther Kast
  28. Very entertaining blog. I love Ellen! Her kindness, generosity, and humor make her a very special person.

    - Diana
  29. Love Ellen!!!

    - Delline Mason
  30. pretty good.

    - Esther D. Staggs
  31. Love your tips, love your products, love your SMILE. Especially LOVE YOU, ELLEN!!

    - Pat Spaziani
  32. I loved reading these. I love almost everything about Ellen. I am actually tempted to check out her sheets, those darling socks, and a mug or two for friends. I hope they are available after Christmas. I have run out of money and it is only Dec. 18th!

    - Deb Klipper
  33. Love Ellen – wish there was a way to make copies of her !! The world would be a much better place.

    - Shirley Hitchcock
  34. I absolutely LOVE Ellen!! And reading her 10 points DID make me laugh out loud!
    Merry Christmas, everyone!

    - Peggy Lang
  35. Wonderful tips. I will be laughing out loud for at least a week. I printed off the tips so that I can get these tips out again next year to laugh out loud for another entire week.

    - Judith Lang
  36. Very cute ideas!! Love Ellen…

    - Marilyn Jesperson
  37. I think Ellen is a hoot! I love her sense of humor.

    - Vesta Thompson
  38. I have to agree, SMILE!!!! Loved reading Ellen’s suggestions–defineatly the SMILE MUG aand SMILE SOCKS. HAVE A VERY MERRY HOLIDAY EVERYBODY! Spread thhhe LOVE.

    - Peggy
  39. I have to agree, SMILE!!!! Loved reading Ellen’s suggestions–defineatly the SMILE MUG aand SMILE SOCKS. HAVE A VERY MERRY HOLIDAY EVERYBODY! Spread thhhe LOVE.

    - Peggy
  40. Ellen is just plain hilarious!…even in print. Wonderful tips!

    - Aprell
  41. The “Ellen Tips” were great fun to read–really a nice, funny touch to my online shopping experience. I found the suggestions to be items I’d really like and may come back to order. I’d order them now, but my charges are high enough so far. Loved all the items though and the Ellen ‘reading !!!’

    - Pat
  42. Not everyone shares your religious beliefs, Rose. For some, Christmas really is about showing appreciation to loved ones by bringing them gifts to savor. That belief should in no way be diminished simply because it doesn’t coincide with your beliefs. Truth is religion does not, and doesn’t need to, hold the same value to others as it does to you.

    - Ann
  43. Hey Ellen! I love you & your show. I watch you everyday from Fayetteville, NC. I also love your hostessing ideas & products. I laughed as I read them. I will definitely get the mugs, socks & will some for miles!! I’ll take a nap, too! Love you!

    - Merle Williams
  44. Love her. Great idea with the 10 funny things…

    - Melissa Parish
  45. I usually delete my emails . But I had to read what she had to say . I loved it ! It’s nice to smile and laugh when your stressing about the holiday. Love it ! I love how she majes me laugh in a kind way ❤️ I DVR Ellen so I can watch her when I come home from work . It’s my feel good hour ?

    - Ann Marie Palmieri
  46. Christmas, Christ-mas, is about the birth of Jesus Christ. There seems to be an effort with commercialism and buying and spending, to dissolve the whole meaning of Christmas. The gift at Christmas is Jesus Christ. In Ellen’s words, “The holidays are ALL about family and friends….and gifts.” Perhaps she could have worded that differently.

    - Rose

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