Baking Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

December 06, 2016 3

Baking Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

The holidays are the Oscars of baking. Standard rolling pins and baking pans alone won’t earn you the win. To really bring your A game (actually, it’s your B—for baking—game), you’ll need tools that give you an edge. Stock up on these:

OXO Good Grips Cookie Scoop

You can use a spoon or your hands to form cookies, but that can leave you with various sizes, thicknesses, and doneness. Not so when you use this Oxo® scoop. You’ll get perfectly uniform cookies every single time. And you can also use the scoop to serve the quintessential cookie topping: ice cream.

Wilton® The Really Big Spatula!

You’ve been struggling with your little spatula long enough—it’s time to upgrade. This giant spatula scoops up multiple cookies at once, so you can quickly transfer them onto a cooling rack (because every second counts). It also gives you more leverage to lift finicky, cut-out shapes and oversized cookies without injury.

Betty Crocker Dough Cutter and Scraper

Meet your new BBF (best baking friend). Cutting brownies? Done. Chopping nuts? No sweat. You can even use it to measure the thickness of dough, thanks to the handy ruler along the edge. Best of all, it costs less than a gourmet coffee.

Real Simple® 3-Tier Adjustable Oven Rack

How do you plan to successfully tackle baking for 14 guests using limited oven space (and maintain your sanity)? With a multiple-tier, adjustable oven rack, you can bake a feast at once. Plus, the rack is collapsible, so it takes up minimum storage space.

Adjustable Pie Shield

Every baker’s been there: You mold a picturesque pie crust only to have it scorched into an inedible crisp. This silicone shield adjusts to the size of your dish and protects the crust from burning (and your heart from breaking).

You’ve got this in the pastry bag!

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  1. I was wondering the same thing. They DO sell them (some under $20; another about $55). Put “apple peeler corer slicer” in the search box on their site. Good luck!

    - Tewill
  2. You show an “Apple Peeler”, do you not sell them?
    Thank you

    - Loretta Kolpek

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