High-Tech Tools To Upgrade Your Breakfast

December 16, 2016

High-Tech Tools To Upgrade Your Breakfast

You already know that eating a healthy breakfast is a smart idea. What’s downright brilliant is making your morning meal ultra-efficient and extra yummy using these clever kitchen tools.

Never-Bitter Coffee

Your first cup of coffee (and second, and third) should be THE best. But on the days when it’s bitter, your attitude may follow suit. SpinBrew, a patented technology featured in iCoffee® Opus coffee maker, uses steam to extract rich, smooth flavor, without a hint of acid or bitterness, and the single-serve coffee pod lets you brew up to 12 bodacious ounces you’ll want to sip and savor.

Precise Coffee Grounds

Grinding coffee beans correctly is an art form. However, when bleary-eyed at 6 a.m., you’re no artist. Breville’s Smart Grinder Pro uses Dosing IQ technology to auto-adjust the grind to the bean, so you get the precise amount of grounds. It also features a user-friendly LCD screen and 60 grind settings for the varied coffee joneses that emerge during your daily grind.

Fresh Juice at Warp Speed

Kuvings® Whole Slow Juicer promises to produce the headiest, healthiest, tastiest juice in mere seconds. Its patented feeding tube processes produce whole, reducing prep and juicing time by 40 percent, compared to other juicers, and without destroying vitamins and enzymes. As a result, the nutritional profile of slow juice is touted to whip standard juice’s butt.

Homemade Whole Grains

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried chickpea pancakes and black-bean waffles. With a simple flick of a switch, Nutrimill’s Harvest Grain Mill grinds any bean or grain into flour you can use to make a seriously creative breakfast. Why DIY? Some argue that fresh, whole grain flours taste better and retain more nutrients than store-bought ones. “Designer flours” tend to be pricey, so making your own could save you money.

5-Minute Breakfast Burrito

Load all your components — including eggs, last night’s leftovers, and a tortilla — into Hamilton Beach’s Breakfast Burrito Maker. Close the lid, wait for the “it’s done” ding,  and — boom! — your wrap is ready in five minutes. Burrito brilliance.


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