4 Fitness Tools Trainers Use On Themselves

January 04, 2017

4 Fitness Tools Trainers Use On Themselves

Personal trainers know their way around fitness gear—it’s kind of their job. But do you ever wonder what they use at home? One pro shares her stay-in-shape tools. Feel free to steal at will.

Balance Ball

The balance ball became a fast favorite for L.A.-based trainer, Karen Jashinsky, because “it forces you to engage your core muscles, no matter what you do on it—even stretches,” she says. And making tiny movements to adjust your balance on the ball (so you don’t fall over!) integrates additional muscles, she notes. That’s one way to sculpt sexy curves quickly.

Foam Roller

On the days when she wakes up feeling stiff and achy, Jashinsky uses a foam roller as a deep-tissue massage on her legs, back, and glutes. She explains, “With the roller, I can apply pressure to loosen up those super-tight areas that are harder to stretch.” It’s a DIY option, when you can’t summon a masseuse.

Free Weights

To create a balanced body that’s equally strong on both sides—and less prone to injury—Jashinsky turns to free weights. “After a bicycle accident, I used free weights to strength-train my injured left side independent of my right,” she recalls. This technique also combats the muscle imbalance that occurs from using your dominant side to perform daily tasks, she says.

Activity Tracker

Jashinsky is religious about wearing her fitness tracker. She says, “I became a regular user after it made me more aware of how hard it can be to reach 10,000 steps, and how many calories I can burn just moving around throughout the day.” She prefers models that feature heart-rate monitoring, so it’s easier to stay in her peak calorie-burning zone during her workouts. And with the new swanky styles, it’s a fitness tool that’s as attractive as the lifestyle it represents.

By Caryn Anderson

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