7 Ways to Pamper Yourself Like a Beauty Queen

January 20, 2017

7 Ways to Pamper Yourself Like a Beauty Queen

How do you prepare for an evening of romance? Indulge in yourself. Beauty blogger, Cari Dunn, reveals her favorite pampering products.

1. Satin Pillowcases

You already know that satin sheets feel amazing on your skin. You may not know that satin pillowcases are touted to help prevent tangled hair and reduce wrinkles. “I have extremely curly hair, and I definitely notice fewer tangles and breakage after sleeping on satin,” says Dunn. “And I wake up looking more refreshed, without sleep lines on my face.”

2. Homeopathic Bath Salts

Don’t just choose any salts—pick ones with homeopathic properties. “I use a combo of Epson and Dead Sea salts, plus oatmeal or dried milk powder to soothe my dry, irritated skin,” says Dunn. Try a healing, pre-made blend, if you don’t feel like mixing your own.

3. 100% Cotton Robe

End your blissful bath with a wrap star. “Look for a robe that uses 100 % cotton because it’s less likely to irritate sensitive skin, especially during the winter,” Dunn says. “More expensive models also tend to be thicker, so you’re not being greeted by cold bitter air.”

4. Essential Oils

“As a work-at-home mom who home-schools three kids, I don’t get a lot of sleep,” Dunn admits. “So, I use essential oils to keep me alert, instead of caffeine.” She diffuses a perky mix of rosemary, lemon, and peppermint daily. To wind down, she relies on a calming blend of bergamot, patchouli, and ylang-ylang.

5. An Electric Tea Kettle

Dunn wakes up early in the morning for tea time on her patio—the ideal spot for a plug-in kettle. “I drink my tea uninterrupted, watch the deer, and relax before I wake up the kids.” She prefers white tea for its mild flavor and low caffeine. And it packs more antioxidants than green tea to fight the free radicals that age skin.

6. Natural Beauty Mask

Sheeted, rubberized, magnetized, snail slimed—there’s a mask for every mien. But Dunn keeps it old-school, using DIY masks made from green tea, ground oatmeal, white clay, and tea tree oil. “I like using natural ingredients because I know what’s in them,” Dunn says.

7. Cleansing Brush

To deep-clean pores and really let your mask to do its thing, Dunn suggests using a cleansing brush. And your post-facial glow? That’s the look of love.

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