How to Make Your Bed Look Like a Romance Novel

January 25, 2017 5

How to Make Your Bed Look Like a Romance Novel

A bed that’s luxurious, romantic, and inviting? Yes, please. Here’s how to get the look that will sweep you off your feet.

Choose Sleek Sheets

“A romantic room is all about the textures and layering—things that make you feel sexy,” says celebrity interior designer Erinn Valencich. She suggests splurging on “good quality, 100 percent cotton sheets. They tend to feel the softest,” she notes. For layering, “Think of adding at least two or three additional textures, such as a hammered silk coverlet and a fluffy duvet accented with a cashmere blanket,” she suggests. Spritz Jasmine or Ylang Ylang on your bedding for a scented seduction.

Add Furry Accents

Best-selling romance novelist, Tanya Anne Crosby, says, “Furry textures give you a sensory thrill and make you feel playful.” She adds that, in the Middle Ages, only royals enjoyed fine, textural fabrics on their beds. Who knew your fuzzy throw blanket was an elite accessory?

Make it Bountiful

“Romance calls for abundance,” says Valencich. For example, put a fluffy, down comforter inside a lush duvet cover, so it plumps up nicely. Make sure your duvet cover and comforter sizes match. Add throw blankets (see above!). And don’t be afraid to pile on accent pillows. She adds, “The more the better. It should be something you want to dive into.” Look for ruffles or lace details to add a touch of elegance.

Include a Canopy

Why is a canopy so romantic? “Silky and diaphanous textures floating around a bed make you feel like you’re on an exotic vacation,” says Crosby. You’re instantly transported to Belize. And everyone loves an island romance.

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  1. Where can I buy the grey headboard/bed frame?

    - Melodie
  2. Where would I buy the grey headboard/bed frame?

    - Melodie
  3. Is the grey headboard for sale at Bed Bath Beyond?

    - Mallory

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