Stress-Relievers You Can Carry in Your Purse

January 06, 2017

Stress-Relievers You Can Carry in Your Purse

You can’t escape the stress of work deadlines, dinner demands, and judgmental PTA moms who side-eye you when the cupcakes aren’t homemade. However, you can decompress on demand—anytime, anywhere. These tools offer quick relief and fit in your handbag.

A Selfie Tool

You never thought your selfie habit was a pathway to joy. But a recent study revealed that snapping selfies and sharing them with friends regularly can boost your happiness. Try a remote shutter snap to capture your best angles, without breaking your arm. 

A Tea Infuser

The calming effect of drinking tea isn’t restricted to your home. Don Joseph Goewey, author of, “The End of Stress, Four Steps to Rewire Your Brain,” suggests packing a tea infuser in your bag, so you can sip your way to stress-relief on-the-go. His choice relaxation brew: Black tea.

A Personalized Yo-Yo

You may not be in the mood for “play,” but a little hand-eye coordination exercise may take your mind off what’s bugging you. And you can personalize your toy. Inscribe it with a phrase that makes you laugh or reminds you to relax, like, ummm, “Yo, yo, chill.”

Essential Oil

The bottles are small enough to fit in the tiniest cross-body bag. Dab a few drops of lavender or a scented fragrance blend on your temples or wrists, and inhale. 

A Coloring Book

Humorist Loretta Laroche, author of, “Life is Short, Wear Your Party Pants,” favors the healthy distraction of channeling your anxious feelings into coloring a complex design. The judgmental PTA Moms should approve—the cupcakes may not be homemade, but the art is.

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