Stress-Relievers You Can Carry in Your Purse

January 06, 2017

Stress-Relievers You Can Carry in Your Purse

You can’t escape the stress of work deadlines and dinner demands (until your vacation). But you can decompress on demand—anytime, anywhere. These tools offer quick relief and fit in your handbag.

A Selfie Tool

You never thought your selfie habit was a pathway to joy. But a recent study revealed that snapping selfies and sharing them with friends regularly can boost your happiness. Try a remote shutter snap to capture your best angles, without breaking your arm. 

A Tea Infuser

The calming effect of drinking tea isn’t restricted to your home. Don Joseph Goewey, author of, “The End of Stress, Four Steps to Rewire Your Brain,” suggests packing a tea infuser in your bag, so you can sip your way to stress-relief on-the-go. His choice relaxation brew: Black tea.

A Personalized Yo-Yo

You may not be in the mood for “play,” but a little hand-eye coordination exercise may take your mind off what’s bugging you. And you can personalize your toy. Inscribe it with a phrase that makes you laugh or reminds you to relax.

Essential Oil

The bottles are small enough to fit in the tiniest cross-body bag. Dab a few drops of lavender or a scented fragrance blend on your temples or wrists, and inhale.

A Coloring Book

Humorist Loretta Laroche, author of, “Life is Short, Wear Your Party Pants,” enjoys the healthy distraction of channeling anxious feelings into coloring a complex design (hello, inner artist!). This book features some of the prettiest ones we’ve seen.

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