Valentine’s Day Gifts That Say the Things You Can’t

January 23, 2017

Valentine’s Day Gifts That Say the Things You Can’t

Ladies, sometimes it’s hard to find the words to express yourself to your significant other. The solution: Look for a gift that sends the message.

“Let’s Run Away Together”

You need the right luggage to take on the road, whether it’s for a weekend getaway or a dream vacation. Throw in reservations for a couple’s massage.

“Are You Ready to Get Married?”

You both want to take your commitment to the next level, but he hasn’t proposed. Consider splurging on a stylish watch that subtly says, “The clock is ticking,” or go Leap-Year style, and ask him to marry you. How could he refuse?

“I Love You, But I Hate Your Mess”

Don’t feel pressured to go for a classically “romantic” gift, if that’s not what you (or he) are into. It may be best to give something that keeps the peace in your household. A robotic vacuum would simplify chores. Or a sporty hamper may encourage him to keep his dirty clothes off the floor.

“Stop Bringing Home Junk Food!”

You’re the one who ends up eating the bags of snacks he buys. Give him a stovetop popcorn popper and creative control of every popcorn batch flavor, while you binge-watch “The Waking Dead.”

“You Deserve A Break”

Give him a pass on his honey-do list (just this once), and hook him up with a gift that’s designed for relaxation: A hammock.

“Please Lose the Facial Hair”

Make a not-so-subtle stand against scratchy beards and mustaches by giving your guy a sleek electric shaver and luxe aftershave product. Because you haven’t seen his actual face in months.

“Start Exercising More”

He won’t join you for a morning walk, and he’s just not into the gym. Your move? Give him a fitness-tracking watch as a techie way to instigate a lifestyle change. And you two can live healthy ever after.


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