How To Winterize Your Home Like an Alaskan

January 11, 2017 1

How To Winterize Your Home Like an Alaskan

There’s a reason I have winter on the brain: I’m moving to Alaska—the winter-weather big leagues—during winter. And I’m coming from New Jersey.

But this I know: Half the fun of an outdoorsy Alaskan life is returning to a cozy, winter-proofed home. So I’m packing accordingly. Hopefully, these ten “house-warmers” keep me from freezing into an ice sculpture.

1. Hose pot

Draining the hose and turning off the outdoor water will help prevent pipe freezes; storing the hose in a pot protects it against damage from kinks and tangling.

2. Gutter-cleaning robot

This clever gadget will clear fall leaves and debris from the gutters. I’ll avoid leak-inducing ice dams over the winter—not to mention the ick and hassle of cleaning the gutters myself.

3. Draft blockers 

According to a report published in The Washington Post, a gap of just 1/8 of an inch under a 36-inch wide door allows as much cold air in as a 2.4 -inch diameter punched through the wall. These should help.

4. Step ladder

To switch the direction of our ceiling fans to clockwise, so warm air pushes down when it rises too high.

5. Smart thermostat 

It automatically lowers the temperature when the house is empty and raises it when people are home.

6. Humidifier 

Having more moisture in the air will help make the room feel warmer.

7. Insulated curtains and honeycomb blinds

I’m keeping the cold air, which still radiates from insulated windows, from tickling the back of my neck.

8. Warm bedding 

I’m undecided: Should I bring electric blankets, down comforters, flannel sheets, or electric mattress pads? I know—all of the above.

9. Area rugs

They’ll protect my bare feet from cold floors and create a comfy look.

10. Throw blankets

The fuzzier the better. I’m bringing enough to heat an ice castle. And that’s kind of the point.

Think I missed something? Let me know in the comments. And check out our Cozy shop for more items to cuddle up with at home.


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  1. I forgot that the email that got me here was an ADVERTISEMENT! I followed the link believing it would be honest Alaskan advice. Very annoying!!!

    If nothing else, the humidity suggestion would have been to simmer a pot of water, not BUY a product.

    I’ll pay more attention next time. Or you could be more honest!

    - Annoyed and Duped

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