Sneeze Alert: How to Control Allergens In Your Laundry Room

February 20, 2017

Sneeze Alert: How to Control Allergens In Your Laundry Room

It’s ironic how doing laundry can leave pesky allergens behind. Linens and dirty clothes can contribute to a buildup of dust, dust mites, and mold. On top of that, a leaky washer or water pipe can make matters worse. Here’s how to help reduce allergens in your laundry room:

Turn up the heat

To kill dust mites and remove dust, wash your linens in water that’s at least 130 degrees F, according to experts at Mayo Clinic.

Go gentle

If you or someone in your home suffers from asthma or skin sensitivities, avoid using liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets. Use mild liquid laundry detergent that’s free of dyes and perfumes. Rinse your laundry well to remove any residue from detergent.

Don’t let laundry linger

To help deter mold and dust mites, avoid leaving wet or damp clothes lying around. Try to wash them right away. Also, remember to dry wet clothes immediately after the wash cycle is done.

Crack open the washer door

 If you have a front-loading washing machine, leave the door cracked when you aren’t using it. Closing it will trap moisture and cause mold to grow. Clean the inside of the door and the rubber seal to remove mildew and dirt.


Make sure your dryer vents to the outdoors, so moisture and lint move away from your home. If you have windows in your laundry room, keep them open to provide additional fresh air.

Contact your health care professional, if you suspect you or a family member may have allergies. You can find products at Bed Bath & Beyond to help control allergens in your home.

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