Secrets to Organize A Kid Closet

February 21, 2017

Secrets to Organize A Kid Closet

How do you win the wake-and-dress morning battle with your kids? Turn their closet into a neat and streamlined space. These organizing secrets can’t come fast enough.

Make the closet extra kid-friendly

Get your children more involved in the getting-ready process by making items more accessible. Install a lower rod to help them reach hanging clothes (Bonus: this also adds more hanging space.). Also, consider what you can use closer to the floor—a laundry sorter for dirty clothes, for example, or a storage unit and coordinating bins to stow items that don’t need to be hung, like play clothes, pajamas, socks, and undergarments.

Create a helpful hanging system

Hang similar items together—such as dresses, pants, jeans, short sleeve, and long sleeve shirts—so kids can quickly choose clothes and place them back again. (Just remember to use kid-size hangers and clips; smaller garments can fall off adult-sized accessories.) You can also designate a special time-saving place for the next day’s outfit: simply have your child pick out tomorrow’s clothes every night before bedtime.

Use the door

In a kid’s closet (or any closet), the most underused piece of real estate might be the inside of the door. Make the most of it with all things over-the-door: a multipurpose organizer that can hold everything from hair bows to socks to missing game pieces, or even a simple hook that’s great for things like hanging up a wet raincoat after an afternoon of puddle-jumping.

Make space for toys

Toys take up a lots more space than you’d like in your child’s bedroom, so it’s wise to include some closet storage for them as well. Stash them using solutions that can adjust or be used again as kiddos grow—like a hanging organizer that can be used to stow books, blocks, and stuffed animals now, and big-kid sweaters and larger shoes later on.

Add some fun

A closet doesn’t have to only be about organization—it can also be a place to make your little ones smile. Add a touch of personality with interesting drawer knobs, paint or wallpaper on the walls, or wall decals decorating the ceiling.

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