5 Reasons To Throw A Spring Party (Because Ellen Said So)

March 31, 2017

5 Reasons To Throw A Spring Party (Because Ellen Said So)

Hi, everyone! It’s me, Ellen. I’m back again with more tips to help you get the most out of life, whether you’re sleeping, eating, drinking, cooking, or drink-cooking, a common term meaning “half-stirring pasta, but mostly drinking merlot.” If you’ve had a harsh winter, you’re probably on pins and needles waiting for spring. And to that I say, replace your carpeting. I’m kidding; it’s an expression. Anyway, because spring is officially here, I’m sharing five reasons to throw a party without hesitation or delay. Here we go. Let’s begin. Now.

1. You can finally go back outside

A lot of you got plenty of snow this winter. Where I live in LA, we got so much rain—I grew three inches. It was insane. Now that the weather is clearing up, why not throw a fun outdoor party? I have adorable mugs, plates, and plenty of towels to clean up after your messiest guests, who you shouldn’t have invited in the first place. Wanna play catch at your party but don’t have a mitt? Get one of my mini oven mitts. That way, you can play ball and tend to the grill. Must I think of everything?

2.You just learned the difference between a comforter and a duvet

Spring is that time of year when it might be too warm to sleep under a comforter. The good news is you can use a duvet, which has the same beautiful look as a comforter, and load it with a lighter blanket.

3. Summer is around the corner

That means it’s time to start the “summer slim down,” and my salad plates can help you eat smaller food portions. But if you’re not into salad, my salad plates are also the perfect size for an eight-inch cake or three to five donuts.

4. Hoda Kotb adopted a baby

Is there anyone on planet Earth who doesn’t love Hoda? If her happiness isn’t enough reason to throw a party, then I don’t know what is. Hoda, if you’re reading this, your baby is going to college any minute now. You might wanna start stocking up on super-comfy, twin-size bedding. Just saying. Time flies.

5. Because I said so

I mean isn’t that enough for you people? It’s a party. Go throw one!


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