8 Kitchen Gadget Fails & How to Prevent Them

March 31, 2017

8 Kitchen Gadget Fails & How to Prevent Them

The sky won’t fall if you use a salad spinner to drain pasta (although we don’t recommend it). But not all kitchen gadgets are exchangeable. Make the wrong swap, and you could end up with a heap of mangled onion, wondering, What was I thinking? Don’t beat yourself up–just use the proper tool.

1. Scooping spaghetti with a spatula

Fess up–we’ve all tried this, and it didn’t end well. Make friends with a spaghetti server.

2. Flipping a burger with a bag clip

“Bag clips are almost like tongs,” said no one ever. This burger situation requires the real thing.

3. Scooping ice cream with a melon baller

If portion control is the goal, you can still use a real ice cream scooper.

4. Slicing an onion with a cheese slicer

This sad, butchered onion made us laugh, cry (onions do that), and praise the genius of an onion dicer.

5. Measuring food on a bathroom scale

We get the logic, but a food scale is more manageable. And accurate.

6. Grinding coffee beans with a hand blender

Baristas, get thee a coffee grinder.

7. Hacking a melon open with a meat tenderizer

Bludgeoning produce? Not unless you’re a quirky comedian from the 1980’s.

8. Cracking an egg with a nut cracker

Don’t try this at home. Or anywhere. Ever. For boiled eggs, which are tricky to open, try an egg cracker.




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