Tools to Organize 4 Clutter Zones

March 03, 2017

Tools to Organize 4 Clutter Zones

Right about now, you have a combination of winter and spring items fighting for storage domination around your home. Don’t fret! Here are the tools professional organizer “Tidy” Tova Weinstock would use to contain the chaos where clutter often occurs.

Bathroom counters

If you’ve got a sea of moisturizers, cleansers, and toners to contend with, use an over-the-door organizer to separate products by body region–face items in one area, below-the-neck supplies in another. Display frequently used items on the counter in a handy spinning organizer, she suggests.

Makeup drawer

You probably have a mainstay of go-to cosmetics, a stash for special occasions, and impulse buys (like that plum glitter eyeshadow) you’re holding onto just in case. The problem is that everything is mixed together. “First, sort through your supply, and ask yourself if you really need seven shades of pink. Probably not,” Weinstock says. “Make sense of what’s left by using a tiered makeup organizer with transparent shelves, so you can see your options clearly and keep like items together. Or steal a page from professional cosmetologists by storing makeup in a stylish, travel-friendly train case with trays you can easily remove for daily use.”


Has it gotten so bad that you can barely reach the alarm clock without having your phone, glasses, and bullet journal go crashing down? Try organizing items in attractive, stackable jewelry trays that you can leave out or place in drawers, she says. Another option is to toss odds and ends into functional, foldable baskets that are cute enough to display or roll up and tuck away.

Junk drawer

Just think how great it’ll feel to organize the dumping ground that is your junk drawer! Weinstock suggests a purge first–toss the old batteries, crumbled receipts, and odd assembly parts that’ll never find a home. Next, use a cutlery tray to group like items together. “I like this one because it can hold a lot of things, and it expands from 13 inches to 22 inches wide. It’s also made from pretty, eco-friendly bamboo,” says Weinstock.



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