How to Fake Like It’s Spring When It Still Feels Like Winter

March 10, 2017

How to Fake Like It’s Spring When It Still Feels Like Winter

This year, I’m not waiting until the spring equinox on March 20 to leap into spring mode around the house. I’m jumping in now, no matter what the weather forecast says, and you’re invited to join me. Here’s how I’m making life at home feel like a warm and sunny oasis.

In the Air

Although it’s not sleep-with-the-windows-open weather yet, I can still add warmth indoors. I’ll keep the air purifier and humidifier going while the furnace runs (because it’s cold, and I live in Alaska), but I’ll change out candle and diffuser scents to light, fresh aromas like citrus and lavender.

In My Workspace

It’s still really dark for much of the day here in Alaska. So, there’s no way I’m giving up my beloved Happy Light and the bright burst of energy it gives me.

With My Decor

I’m replacing dark suede and faux fur throw pillows with lighter cotton and silk blends in happy chevron, floral, and stripe patterns. I’m also hopping on the design trend of using garden stools indoors. Dark-hued bath towels and sheets are headed into storage, and I’m springing for energetic yellow and Pantone’s color of the year: Greenery.

In My Closet

I can’t put away all of my boots, sweaters, and down-filled coats yet. But I can and will start my seasonal wardrobe turnover. First, I’ll weed out items I won’t wear next winter, and only store my good ski boots, sweaters, and scarves. And most encouraging, I’ll bring out my favorite warm weather dresses as a visual reminder of the fun ahead.

In My Garden

It’s funny how not being able to garden all winter has made me a little obsessed with gardening. That’s why I’m trying something new—growing plants from seeds indoors. I can start right away and move those seedlings outside to a cold frame greenhouse in a few weeks. 

In My Kitchen

I’ll bust out my grill pan to practice my cookout skills. And I’m switching from my daily breakfast of cozy oatmeal to refreshing smoothies using frozen fruit I’ve been stockpiling since last summer. How sweet spring is.

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