Spring Cleaning Hacks for Lazy Days

March 01, 2017

Spring Cleaning Hacks for Lazy Days

You might expect to spend the better part of your weekend spring-cleaning your home, which is why you end up putting it off until summer or fall. I have a solution. Try my easy cleaning hacks to get that sparkling look with as little effort as possible.

Ceilings and floors

It takes far less energy to use a long-handled duster to reach neglected ceiling crevices than it does to climb a step ladder and stretch your arms out of the sockets. For the floor, save time with a robotic vacuum or a microfiber mop with a swivel head.


Make the process less draining by only doing one room daily with the help of an upright carpet cleaner. To remove stains swiftly, try using a nontoxic cleaning formula, like Honest, that contains oxygen-cleaning power.

Hard Surface Floors

Make this a one-step process by sanitizing your floors with a steam cleaner. To speed things up, dampen the cleaning pad with warm water before you begin.


This seemingly monumental job is about to get so much simpler. Place a brush attachment on your vacuum, and run it over your baseboards. Done!

Pillows and blankets

Toss throw pillows and blankets in the dryer for 15-20 minutes to quickly remove dust. Launder them using the manufacturer’s instructions when you have more time and energy.

Room Declutter

Grab a garbage bag; set a timer for 10 minutes, and do one speedy pass through every room of your home. Throw away (or donate) anything that you won’t use next winter. The idea is not to overanalyze or get stuck; just do a quick drive-by.


Hire a professional service to do the outside windows, and do the inside job yourself. A squeegee with a telescoping handle will help you reach high corners, and a cleaning solution with oxygen can wipe away grime quickly.

Lampshades and furniture

Grab the upholstery brush on your vacuum to remove lint and dust fast. In the event that you feel a burst of energy after your second cup of coffee, go over the surface a second time with a lint roller. And return to the relaxing position on your newly refreshed sofa.

–Becky Rapinchuk (a.k.a. “Clean Mama“)

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