The Modern Way to Decorate with Pastels

March 08, 2017

The Modern Way to Decorate with Pastels

Love them or hate them, you can’t avoid seeing pastels on Pinterest or in a home design magazine. And it’s not just because Easter’s coming. Pastels are chic and versatile (who knew?), and when done correctly, they can even look edgy. Designer and stylist, Megan Pflug, explains new, cool ways to incorporate pastels into your home decor.

Work from an updated color palette

Remember 80’s mauve? Leave it there. “People’s biggest reservations around decorating with pastels center around memories of Miami Vice-style shades of pink,” Pflug says. But today’s options are much more fashionable and diverse. She recommends pastels that have soft gray undertones, like the muted pink on the pillows in the photo above. “The brighter hues tend to look more childlike,” Pflug explains, so save them for your kids’ room.

Keep the look minimal

Fight the urge to put pink, blue, and yellow everywhere. “When it comes to seasonal decorating,” Pflug says, “I try not to go overboard.” Instead, she likes to sprinkle a few strategically placed pastel pieces around the house. For example, “To keep things feeling sophisticated, try only one pastel shade, like pink or blue for your bed linens,” she advises. If you want to mix several pastel hues, go for accents, like a garden stool or wall art in the living room, vases on a bookshelf, or throw pillows on the sofa. They’re low commitment, and you can switch them out when you want.

Pair with other colors and patterns

An easy way to elevate pastels is by setting them next to copper or brass objects or in spaces with dark colors, like black or charcoal gray. “These unexpected colors help ground a light palette and take away some of that sweetness,” she adds. Not into dark tones? Combine pastels with earthy hues instead. Pflug’s favorites are olive green, saffron, rust, and burgundy. Freshen things up by looking for geometric or coastal patterns and rich textures on throw pillows or blankets. If only you knew this in the 80’s.




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