5 Hacks For A No-Stress Cinco de Mayo Party

April 27, 2017

5 Hacks For A No-Stress Cinco de Mayo Party

Just picture it: Your Cinco de Mayo party is raining margaritas; guacamole is flowing; guests are getting their bailando on. And you’re not in the kitchen working. Let’s make it happen. These party hacks keep your labor on the lighter side, so you can actually have fun, too.

If you want to set a pretty table, but don’t want to use your fine china or all the fancy fixings…

Go for dinnerware made with melamine—a virtually unbreakable material, ideal for outdoor fiestas—in a colorful, cheerful print that also serves as table decor. Add a simple centerpiece–like a vase filled with daffodils–and you’re done.

If you absolutely hate chopping veggies…

Try a veggie chopper—because a taco without a hearty helping of chopped veggies is just a sad, crunchy meat pie. And if ever there was a day for an avocado slicer, this is the one.

If you want to churn out frozen margaritas, but don’t want to be hogtied to the blender…

You’ll go loco for this frozen drink maker that whips up three different drinks at once, and the rotating ice chute is pure party theater. Who’s not on blender duty? You.

If you’re knee deep in leftover salsa and guac, and don’t know what to do with them…

Don’t throw them out—that’s sacrilege, especially on Cinco de Mayo. Instead, try these yummy, salsa-infused recipes, and those leftovers won’t last. And keep your guac fresher longer with a special guacamole container (yes, that exists).

 If you don’t want to kick your guests out early, so you can start cleaning up…

Pick up a cleaning robot that automatically knows when to switch from wet-mopping to dry-sweeping—decisions you won’t have to make. Relax, and have another frozen margarita.

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