5 Lessons I Learned As Grill Girl

April 13, 2017

5 Lessons I Learned As Grill Girl

In my former professional life, I was “Grill Girl,” the editor who handled all things related to cooking food over fire. It’s a centuries-old tradition I practice at least once weekly year-round. With May being National Barbecue Month, just about everyone has grilling on the brain. If that includes you, use the lessons I learned to make sure your season sizzles.

1. Never fight over grill type

People have strong opinions, but truth be told, no one grill type is greater than another. So how do you choose? That depends on your goal. To feed a bunch of hungry guests efficiently, go with a gas grill. It can be hot and ready in less than a minute; be mindful to choose a large enough cooking space. For authentic smoky flavor, pick a grill that uses charcoal or wood pellets. Trendy chefs will love Kamados. These dome-style cookers can grill, smoke, bake and are cute and compact. See, no bad options.

2. Learn to love a Himalayan salt block

Best. Thing. Ever. It adds flavor and complexity to any dish, heats food evenly, and works as a serving platter. And because you place the food on the salt block, instead of the grill, there’s less cleanup. Click here to watch how it works.

3. Always–ALWAYS!–use grilling tools

I’ve dropped one too many burgers in the dirt thinking I could just flip them with my fingers. Don’t be like me. Get yourself a serious set of tongs, a spatula, and a tough grill glove with heat-resistant fibers. If you’re cooking at night, spring for a grill light, just to be safe.

4. Invest in a grill cover

A trash bag is not a grill cover. You want the real thing that protects your grill from all the gunk and elements. Look for one that’s waterproof, mold- and UV-resistant, easy to clean, and has vents to reduce condensation. Size matters; it should fit your unit snugly and feature straps that keep it secure. Because—true story—covers will blow away in the wind.

5. What’s said around the grill, stays around the grill

Grill chefs are like bartenders—people share how they really feel. Their secrets should go up in smoke. That’s the honor code. Take the oath, and wear the apron proudly.


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