How to Decorate With The Flower Of 2017

April 11, 2017

How to Decorate With The Flower Of 2017

Daffodils are officially having their moment in the sun. The National Garden Bureau—in partnership with the American Daffodil Society—designated 2017 as the year of the daffodil. The timing couldn’t be better. Spring is flower-power season, and big, bold floral motifs are popping up on fashion runways, home design blogs, and Pinterest boards galore. With these décor tips, you can hop aboard team daffodil and ride the trend all year long.

Be a Vase Diva

The most literal way to decorate with daffodils is to bring a fresh bouquet into your home (they bloom in spring, so the time is now). But the vase you choose can make or break your display. Size matters. Flowers should measure approximately 1 ½ times the height of the vase. So, if your vase is 12 inches tall, your flowers should be about 18 inches long. Next, think about style. A garden jug looks classic and clean, while a ruffled top edge offers a more romantic feel. Can’t find fresh daffodils? An etched daffodil vase speaks to the trend, even if you leave it empty.

Count on Color

That distinct, cheerful daffodil yellow is like a splendid splash of sunshine. Replicate that aesthetic in your bedroom with pillow shams and throws. Play up that hue somewhere unexpected, like with daffodil-colored dinnerware by Fiesta. Some daffodil varieties, such as Thalia, are predominately white, while others, like Barrett Browning, are white with yellow centers. Make that your inspiration to mix white and yellow accents together for a contrast with major impact.

Go Artistic

A statement-making piece of wall art sends the message that daffodils are always on trend. Or take a more avant garde approach by choosing furniture that bares floral shapes and lines. Now you’ve extended your flower power indefinitely.

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