Mother’s Day Gifts Inspired by Pop Culture

April 25, 2017

Mother’s Day Gifts Inspired by Pop Culture

Sometimes choosing the perfect gift for mom requires a little direction. This year, let pop culture lead the way. These Mother’s Day gifts are inspired by the trendy shows that everyone’s talking about, including the mom on your list.

She never misses an episode of “Empire” 

Mom is a major fan of the show’s leading mom-boss, Cookie–the glitzy outfits she wears, the sassy things she says, her blind-you-with-diamonds jewelry. The gift of bling gives Mom a taste of the flashy life.

She could be the third Gilmore girl

Lorelai and Rori, the mother-daughter duo from “Gilmore Girls,” are notorious for professing their unwavering devotion to coffee. If Mom shares that love, give her a cool coffee station with customizable bells and whistles.

She subscribed to Netflix to watch “Stranger Things”

Eleven, one of the show’s main characters, is a toaster waffles fanatic. With this swanky, digital convection oven, Mom can toast way more than waffles–she can bake a pizza, too. Or upgrade from toaster waffles to a gourmet, heart-shaped breakfast.

She’s addicted to “Tiny House Nation”

Mom knows that the tiny house way of life embraces multifunctional furniture. This stylish ottoman comes with interior storage space and a cushioned top that flips over into a nifty serving tray.

She’s a loyal member of the “Beyhive”

You’re still in shock at how Mom quotes Beyonce’s lyrics better than you. There’s no doubt she’ll fall for this golden Egyptian-looking mirror that resembles the headpiece Queen Bey wore during her unforgettable performance at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

She’s a BIG “Star Wars” fan

Mom has idolized Princess Leia since she was a kid, and you know she can’t wait to see the next movie installment: “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” scheduled to release later this year. Give her this Star Wars pendent necklace to wear on opening night.

She’s always watching viral videos

People went nuts over hand-drawing designs on mermaid pillows. Let Mom experience that joy and creativity first-hand by giving her enough mermaid pillows to make a fort.

She’s stuck on “Sex In The City” reruns

The rumor mill has been chirping about a third “Sex In the City” film, and Mom would be all over it. Until then, she’s content to watch reruns with friends (or you) over popcorn and vino, which she can store in this high-heeled wine bottle holder. Or give her a wine tote in the shape of a purse. You can never go wrong with shoes and bags.

–Sarah Maloy

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