5 Ways to Bring Coastal Décor Home from Vacation

May 07, 2017

5 Ways to Bring Coastal Décor Home from Vacation

You wish you could bring home all the aqua seahorse rugs, flamingo tchotchkes, and vintage buoys from your beach vacation rental. But that would be unfair to the next renters and probably against the rules. You can, however, incorporate coastal decor into your real-life home, so it feels as if you’re still on vacation. Try these five design ideas to make everyday spaces feel beachier.

1. Bring in foliage

Spice up your bedroom with fabrics that feature tropical sprays of palms and swirly hibiscus. Take it a step further by adding real indoor plants in bunches to make a statement in main living areas, like a trio of spiky, sculptural snake plants on your mantle. Create a jungle-inspired corner vignette with a tree-sized, Majesty palm, a split-leaf philodendron, and a colorful croton. If caring for plants isn’t your strong suit, go for easy-care ZZ plants that add life to any room and help purify indoor air.

2. Put fruit on top

An easy way to add lively color and whimsy? Display sunny lemons in a white serving bowl on your kitchen counter or orange kumquats in a cylindrical glass vase on your dining table. Citrusy yellows and oranges also compliment oceanic tones of sea blue and teal, so don’t be afraid to pair them together. And when you’re ready to actually eat the fruit, whip us this easy, yummy grilled veggie salad with citrus salsa.

3. Use nature-inspired neutrals

Take a page from Mother Nature by using accessories in sandy beige, shell white, and driftwood brown to set a soothing vibe, especially in bedrooms and bathrooms where relaxation is key. Look for touchable textures and design details you’d find in nature, like coral or seahorses.

4. Create vignettes with natural finds

Display seaside treasures in small groupings around your home to avoid saturating one room in a beach theme. Assemble a pair of conches on the kitchen windowsill, a collection of driftwood pieces in a wicker basket near the sofa, or a series of oyster shells on the dining table.

5. Show your stripe variety

Fresh-from-the-sea nautical stripes are a familiar choice, but be open to taking risks. Experiment with a variety of stripe widths—pencil-thin to super-chunky—and direction, such as vertical, diagonal, or horizontal. Crisp lines also mix well with other prints (think: floral). By integrating several patterns, you’ll find that the decor feels homier and less like a rental. And that’s the objective.


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By Karen Weir-Jimerson

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