Father’s Day Gifts Inspired By His Weekend Activities

May 30, 2017

Father’s Day Gifts Inspired By His Weekend Activities

You know your dad’s unique characteristics and interests by heart, so why is it so hard to shop for a Father’s Day gift? Because you know too much! Boil it down to one question: How does he spend his weekend? Answer that, and you have your gift. Our list of pastimes and presents will get you thinking.

He plans vacations

Send Dad on his next trip with a handsome carry-on bag. Durable and elegant, the luggage features faux-leather accents, wipe-clean material, and expandable compartments for extra storage.

He goes fishing

If he’s just as comfortable catching a bass as he is tying a Windsor knot, he’ll love these silver and gold cufflinks in the shape of fishing reels. Part two of your gift: a personalized jewelry case where he can keep the cuff links, and (part three!), a personalized piece of art with a photo memorializing your first fishing trip together.

He takes naps outdoors

It’s summer—peak season for snoozing in the warm, fresh air. What better way for him to relax than on a cozy hammock with a matching pillow for extra comfort?

He fixes things around the house (or plans to)

Never again will he say, “If I only had this, I could fix that.” With a 160-piece set, he’ll have the right tool for almost any project.

He hangs out on the porch in his chair

An ordinary outdoor chair won’t do. He needs a drink-holding, pockets-for-everything-storing outdoor chair he’ll never want to leave. This one folds and sports a collapsible table, so he could literally stay there all day.

He tailgates

If your dad is the one who usually totes the drinks and sandwiches to the ballgame, he needs a cooler that’s versatile, easy-to carry, and foldable. Found it!

He works in his home office

Constructed of sleek glass and a durable steel frame, this desk has productivity written all over it. The L-shape fits nicely into any room, and the contemporary design is super-chic, so he’ll look sharp sitting behind it.

He has friends over for beer

A cool 3-quart beer tower as a gift would certainly come in handy, when Dad invites his entourage over to watch the game. The stainless steel and acrylic tower has a tap for easy pouring, so every man can serve himself.

He watches cooking shows

He’d absolutely freak out, if he could combine a sous vide and a slow cooker into one amazing appliance. Well, he can. This super-smart 2-in-1 tool does both jobs, so Dad can let his chef imagination run wild. And you can eat the yummy results!

He fires up the grill

He’s already got his prized grill in the backyard. But with a compact, portable version of a powerful gas grill, Dad can get big grill flavors anywhere, any time. It’s a year-round toy for grill masters.

He surfs the web on his laptop

Hunching over a laptop isn’t the comfortable position. Placing it on an adjustable laptop table with built-in fans and a USB port sounds much better.

He works out

With the FitBit Blaze, Dad can track his steps, calories burned, heart rate, and sleeping patterns. And if he ever needs expert assistance, the watch includes on-screen workouts with easy-to-follow directions. And he wouldn’t technically be “asking for directions,” which makes it even better.


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