7 Ways to Hygge Your Summer

June 06, 2017

7 Ways to Hygge Your Summer

Hygge is the Danish concept of cozy living that caught on big stateside this past winter. If you weren’t cocooning at home with hot cocoa and cable knit blankets, you were looking at photos of other people doing it. Luckily, this lifestyle doesn’t have to vanish with the cold temperatures. Try these seven ideas to embrace summer the Danish way.

1. Hygge your dinner

Any meal (Thai takeout counts) feels warm and memorable with gentle light from an outdoor lamp. And since candles always soften the ambiance, go flameless, and you won’t have to bring a lighter.

2. Hygge your bath

Scented bubbles and a body scrub can instantly turn an ordinary bath into a spa date. Even better: Add a glass of wine and a fiction novel to the mix, and keep both handy on a bath caddy. And when you step out of the bath, wrap yourself in a deliciously thick and soft cotton robe that you can personalize.

3. Hygge your party

Hygge is all about closeness with family and friends, so why not host a get-together on the patio? Encourage conversation around a wood-burning fire pit, and set an inviting mood by dressing up your space with outdoor lanterns.

4. Hygge your bed

Your sheets should feel as comfy as your favorite T-shirt; think about upgrading to super-soft Pima cotton. Settle in with a good book, a light snack, and a cup of chamomile tea on a pretty bed tray.

5. Hygge your movie night

An at-home Netflix binge—solitary or with friends—is way cozier than going out. And the popcorn will be a lot healthier than the theater version when you make it yourself in an air popper.

6. Hygge your yoga

Set a relaxing ambiance for your practice by putting a Himalayan salt crystal lamp nearby; it casts a light glow and cleanses the air. You can also add a restorative scent, like lavender, to an essential oil diffuser.

7. Hygee your nap

What could be more hygge than a Sunday snooze in the backyard? Stretch out on a cozy chaise lounge beneath a big, sun-blocking umbrella. Drown out unwelcome sounds with a soothing, battery-powered sound spa. You’ll feel so content that you won’t even mind starting all over again on Monday morning.



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