5 Ice Cream Hacks For A Happy Summer

July 11, 2017

5 Ice Cream Hacks For A Happy Summer

Known fact: Ice cream is a quintessential happy food all year long. On a blazing hot day, however, it’s pure bliss. Add the following culinary hacks to the mix, and your summer just got served a huge helping of joy. Dig in!

1. Add grilled corn

Start by grilling a piece of fresh corn on the cob, and spread it with a generous pat of butter and dash of sea salt. Next, strip off those sweet, juicy, savory, kernels, and mix them into a bowl of creamy vanilla-flavored frozen goodness. Warning: You may fall into a state of euphoria.

2. Pair with wine

Because why not? The trick is to find a bottle with the right amount of sweetness and acidity to go with your frozen flavor of choice. Try sweet, semi-sparkling red wine with chocolate ice cream, sherry with salted caramel, or buttery chardonnay with butter pecan. At your next summer party, serve a flight of vino in Mason jar shot glasses with small scoops of ice cream in a muffin pan. Use cupcake liners as individual cups–no clean up.

3.  Play with it

There’s an ingenious ice cream maker that’s also a ball (yes, a real ball). Load the ingredients inside, and roll it for about a half hour to make your own pint in the comfort of your backyard. Pause, and let the joy sink in.

4. Make fun sandwiches

Break out your phone camera. You’re about to make heart- and star-shaped ice cream sandwiches the easy way. Try cut and press molds to eliminate the need for knives–and knife skills–so kids can jump in and help. And you’ll look like a master pastry chef. For an adult spin, make these boozy brownie ice cream sandwiches, which are pretty fun as is.

5. Add it to cocktails

Mudslides aren’t the only drinks you can make with ice cream. Substitute a scoop of vanilla in just about any recipe that calls for milk or cream, like White Russians and Grasshoppers. Blend the ingredients into a spiked milkshake that would make Ben & Jerry’s jealous.

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