9 Ways to Upgrade Summer Naps

July 05, 2017

9 Ways to Upgrade Summer Naps

There’s no better time to nap than during the summer, when the living is easier and the days are longer. Somehow you wake up feeling even more energized and creative. For those who need extra incentive—or for napping pros who want to improve their snooze—these nine upgrades pack some serious restoration.

1. Take it outside

For a restful hiatus, catch your zzzs outdoors in a comfy hammock or swing chair. Put up an outdoor umbrella to shield the sun, and slip into a self-induced summer coma.

2. Create a dark room

Rather nap indoors? Turn your bedroom into a cozy cave with curtains that block light, reduce noise, and maintain room temperature. Boost the blackout effect by wearing a spa eye mask that also releases copper ions designed to help minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Um…we’ll take ten.

3. Try a smart fan

Upgrade to a bladeless, high-powered yet super-quiet fan designed to gush air and save energy. It also features a programmable timer that turns it on and off, so you can focus on what’s most important: Sleeping.

4. Perfect your pillow

Goodbye, sweaty face and aching neck. Hello, memory foam, breathable pillow that cools your head and gives back and stomach sleepers ideal support.

5. Climatize your mattress (and sheets)

When your room temperature is nice and cool, but your mattress still feels hot and sticky, you need a cooling mattress pad. Moisture-wicking sheets help maintain that chill-factor.

6. Block background sound

Video games blaring. Smoothies blending. Dogs barking. Tune out disruptions, and get to sleep faster with the help of a white noise machine.

7. Scent the scene

Put a few drops of essential oil in a diffuser to release a calming aroma that can trigger a quick drop into dreamland.

8. Sleep connected

Wear a fitness watch that tracks your sleep patterns, so you know exactly how much shut-eye you got.

9. Wake up to your favorite song

An alarm clock with Bluetooth that lets you stream music? Brilliant. Even smarter: It also lets you answer calls and talk via speakerphone, because there’s no rush to get up. It’s summer, remember?

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