How to Handle Technical Difficulties at College

July 28, 2017

How to Handle Technical Difficulties at College

Snapchat, online classes, virtual study groups–college life happens online. And students pack a tech-heavy arsenal to stay plugged in. Technical glitches are bound to happen, but with a little planning, you can resolve the following hassles in a snap. 

Dead battery

Forgetting to charge a device can feel like the end of the world. To avoid a dead laptop in the middle of a biology lecture, send your student to school with an inexpensive portable charger.

Not enough outlets

Dorms built a generation ago simply aren’t wired for today’s tech load, says Kate Deeb, assistant dean of student affairs at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Instead of an armful of extension cords, opt for a surge-protected power strip to handle multiple electronic items.

Too few USB charging ports

Having multiple devices means something always needs to be charged. A charging hub can handle several items for those times when everything dies at once.

Spotty WiFi

She’s live streaming an English literature class or in a video conference with a professor when the WiFi suddenly fails. “Streaming content can put a strain on wireless networks, especially in high-demand situations like residence halls,” Deeb says. A personal router is one option, but many schools don’t allow them because they can interfere with university WiFi networks. Instead, Deeb suggests plugging into a hardwire connection to stream content. Check to see what kind of cable you need. Now she can’t blame WiFi for not video chatting with you.


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