How to Fit Everything in a College Dorm Room (Neatly!)

July 21, 2017

How to Fit Everything in a College Dorm Room (Neatly!)

The biggest challenge on college move-in day? Saying goodbye. The second biggest hurdle? Figuring out how to fit your child’s life into a room the size of a kitchen cupboard. Maximize her living space–and minimize your stress–with these clever organizing tips.

Divide, organize, and conquer

Instead of shoving socks, undies, and tights into one disorganized jumble in a dresser drawer, opt for dividers that save space and aggravation. A spinning organizer with multiple shelves and side pockets offers even more storage options for shoes, clothes, and accessories.

Look up

Every inch counts in a small room, and vertical space often goes overlooked. Go for stackable storage bins, and don’t forget to invest in an inexpensive folding step stool, so she can reach the goods. And if your kid drew the straw for the top bunk, try an adjustable top shelf storage cart.

Look under

The bed, that is. If your kid’s college allows lofted beds, you can squeeze the desk under the sleeping space, freeing up valuable room on the floor. Likewise, risers lift the bed about seven inches off the floor and create usable storage space that’s perfect for seasonal clothing, sports equipment, or extra sheets or towels. These under-the-bed storage bags should come in handy.

Hang anything you can

If the rules allow, install wall-safe hooks for small items like keys and lanyards that often go MIA. You can also use the actual doors for additional storage. Stash sunglasses, shoes, toiletries, or just about anything in over-the-door organizers. 

Repurpose luggage

That suitcase for weekend trips can also serve as a storage bin. Hide it under the bed or between two pieces of furniture, so it’s not in the way. One final word of advice: Fill the suitcase with hangers. They’re the last thing you think of when you pack, and the first thing you need when you unpack. Now let’s just hope she uses them.


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