Top 10 Things College Students Forget to Pack

July 14, 2017

Top 10 Things College Students Forget to Pack

Your car is crammed full with everything a college student could possibly need. Or so you think. Chances are, you’ll forget something, and it might be on this list. Pro organizer Leslie Josel, author of, What’s the Deal with Teens and Time Management?, is here to make sure you don’t leave these ten items behind.

1. Bedside and desk lamps with light bulbs

Dorm rooms can be small and dark, so extra lighting and back-up light bulbs are a must, says Josel, who has a college-age son. “A bedside lamp is perfect for those nights your student wants to read in bed. And a desk lamp is a necessity for studying,” she says.

2. Over-the-counter medications

A mini first-aid kit is a lifesaver the first time your kid gets a cut or bruise. Pizza binges and late night study sessions can bring on heartburn and headaches, so include essentials like acid reducers and ibuprofen.

3. A few beach towels

Even if your kid isn’t going to school in Florida or Hawaii, beach towels will come in surprisingly handy, says Josel. They’re essential for social life–students love to hang out on the lawn–or as a backup when the bath towels are dirty.

4. Extra USB charging cords

Smart phone, laptop, tablet; your student is taking a lot of technology to school, and it all needs charging—anywhere, anytime. A portable USB charger is a worthy investment.

    5. Flashlight and batteries

    Odds are, the power will go out at least once in the dorm, so a flashlight is a smart, inexpensive buy. Make sure to pack extra batteries for other electronics, such as a mouse and remote control.

    6. All-in-one printer/scanner

    Yes, your kid can print and scan elsewhere on campus, but when it’s 1 a.m. and that paper is due in just a few hours, convenience is everything. Remember to stock up on printer paper and extra ink cartridges.

    7. Full-length mirror

    Surprise! Most dorm rooms don’t have a full-length mirror. Find one you can easily hang on the back of a door.

    8. Doorstop

    Within minutes of moving in, you’ll notice dorm room doors propped open with whatever’s available, until the prop fails and the door slams shut. A doorstop resolves that.

    9. Flash drives

    These portable devices are small and easy to overlook, but make sure you stash a few in a suitcase pocket. Students need them like water.

    10. Trash cans and garbage bags

    Garbage piles up fast in college dorm rooms, so make sure your student has liners for the trash can. “Lawn and leaf” size bags work well on move-in days when cardboard and other packaging material piles up. The only question left: Which roommate will take the trash out regularly? Let them figure it out.


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