12 Cleaning Hacks That Cut Time And Effort

August 18, 2017

12 Cleaning Hacks That Cut Time And Effort

There are 101 reasons to procrastinate about getting your house in order during the summer. One: beach. Two: beach. Three…you get the idea. On the other hand, if you hurry up and clean now, you can truly relax knowing that dust bunnies aren’t waiting. Use these hacks to shine up your home in less time than a summer shower.

1. Mud room

Pool shoes, beach bags, and sun visors have turned your mud room into a roadblock. The solution? A handy hall tree keeps everything hooked, shelved, and tucked away neatly. Look for a fetching style and color that matches your home décor. Bonus points for moving those 20 pairs of flips flops into a spinning organizer that’ll become the crown jewel of your summer closet.

2. Laundry

Why are there more dirty clothes in summer? Because you change outfits three times a day. Those who loathe doing laundry (or love it—if they exist) will find joy in using a rolling laundry center . It’s truly a one-stop shop, with a trio of washable bags for easy sorting, a flat surface for folding, and a hanging rod to air-dry delicates.

3. Shower

Bending, crouching, aching–cleaning the shower and tub shouldn’t require a chiropractic adjustment. A cordless spin scrubber with an expandable pole will help you whiz away mildew without lumbar pangs. Try it around your pool edges, too.

4. Microwave

While some Moms would scold you about your gunk-crusted microwave, this Angry Mama helps you clean it. Fill her up with water and vinegar, and watch as she steams away icky stains and residue. Thanks, Mama!

5. Windows

Spotty windows are the enemy of sunlight. Skip the tiring spray-and-wipe scenario for a vacuum-powered window-cleaning system. You’ll end up with a steak-free shine sans arm soreness, and the telescopic handle literally stretches your cleaning capabilities.

6. Blinds

The film of dust on the blinds looks even thicker with the sun blaring in. But the mere thought of cleaning each slat makes you want to take a nap. Make quick work of it with a three-pronged, microfiber blind cleaner. Then, throw the cloth in your rolling laundry center–it’s machine washable!

7. Ceiling fan

It’s hot, and you need to put your ceiling fan on blast. First, you should wipe it off before you create a dust tornado. You could schlep a step ladder up from the basement, or pull out an extendable rotating duster with a microfiber head. It cleans the heck out of anything beyond arm’s reach, including the crevices in crown molding.

8. Baseboards

Instead of getting down on your hands and knees to wipe down the nooks and crannies, grab a baseboard duster that swivels and molds to any shape. Your knees will thank you.

9. Grill

Your grill has been getting a major workout lately. Sure, you could use a rough-bristled brush and a can-do spirit to scrub the grates. Or you could opt for an automatic grill-cleaning robot that runs on rechargeable batteries. Decisions, decisions.

10. Backyard

Unless raking is your preferred source of cardio, you probably want to contain excess grass clippings, twigs, and weeds quickly. Meet the garden sheet. Its corner handles and durable material makes it easy to round up the rebels in your yard.

11. Outdoor facade

Power-washing your house sounds like a big, exhaustive job, which is why you usually hire a service. Save money, and DIY with an electric home washing kit that blasts grime using a 20-foot power hose that might feel empowering to operate. And it works on your car.

12. Garage

Create your dream storage solution on the wall with 64 square feet of strong-as-bull panels, complete with hooks and plastic bins. Free up floor space, so you can finally park your car indoors before the weather gets cold, and you decide to wait until next year.

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