5 Tips To Make Your Summer Rental Feel Homey

August 09, 2017

5 Tips To Make Your Summer Rental Feel Homey

You’re heading to your summer rental to relax. Period. Lose yourself in a good book; play board games with family; take one well-deserved nap after another. Of course, you want the space to feel warm and personalized, but rentals can’t be personal. Or can they? With a few thoughtful choices in decor, you can turn a generic space into a home away from home. And it’s so worth it.

1. Add personal colors

Think of colors that capture your personality and elicit happy memories, says Kim Ausbury, owner of Staged & Styled, a home staging and styling company in Hudson, Ohio. Maybe it’s a blush pink pillow reminiscent of primroses in your garden or an aqua green throw blanket that reminds you of a sailing trip. If a neutral look makes you feel more at ease, Ausbury says you can’t go wrong with white. It sometimes gets a bad rap for being boring, but when you incorporate it with warm textures like wood and rattan, which your rental probably has, it sets a homey vibe.

2. BYO towels and sheets

The two areas where you really want the comforts of home are the bedroom and bathroom. Put out plush, monogrammed, cotton towels and bath sheets to wrap yourself in after a shower. Set down a fluffy bath mat. Bring along your favorite scented hand soaps. Make the bed with sheets you love as insurance for the wonderful napping on your agenda.

3. Incorporate an accent rug

“A cozy rug at the end of the bed, especially if it’s a hardwood floor, means you can sink your toes into a nice, cushy surface,” Ausbury says. Choose a transitional style that coordinates with contemporary and traditional decor, and a soft fabric for comfort with details that make you smile (hello, fringe!).

4. Just add flowers

One glance at a beautiful plant will bring you joy. And it delivers vibrant color and freshness that’ll brighten up the room. Snip some local flora, and fill a lovely vase (the rental’s or your own) in the kitchen or entryway. Not into the real thing? Ausbury recommends artificial flowers, especially succulents for their texture.

5. Put out framed photos

Nothing says “home” like pictures of you. Asbury suggests lining a console side table in the entryway with your favorite family photos in personalized frames as a focal point. To reinforce the memories you’re currently making, take photos on your phone, print them using a digital photo printer, and place them in colorful frames to show off in your rental and at home as souvenirs.

And make sure not to leave your items behind. The next family deserves to start with a clean slate.



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