6 Things A New Fan Can Do That Your Old One Can’t

August 02, 2017

6 Things A New Fan Can Do That Your Old One Can’t

Right now, your fan may not be one of the swankiest gadgets you own, but that’s about to change. With advances in technology and design, the latest, greatest fans sport all sorts of features that keep you cool, practically and socially. Here, six reasons to upgrade your air power.

1. It can go bladeless

As it turns out, the most distinguishing feature—blades—aren’t required anymore. Modern, bladeless models draw in air from the room and diffuse it at high velocity. These fans are also energy efficient, safer for curious fingers, and look ultra-chic.

2. It can coordinate with your room

While basic black and white are always classic, a new crop of colorful, vintage-style fans add a dose of quirky style to any room. Coordinate the look with your bedding, curtains, and rugs. And (gasp!) there’s rose gold.

3. It can be discreet

Gone are the days of massive, boxy fans that sound like double-decker planes preparing for takeoff. Sleek, minimal construction and pin-drop quiet operation make them blend into the background, while still having the desired whoosh effect.

4. It can clean the air

Some fans don’t just move air; they also help purify it by removing allergens and pollutants. Now everyone can breathe easier. 

5. It can remind you of the beach

You know that cool gust of air and ocean spray you feel as you walk along the beach? Fans can do something like that. Battery-powered, small portable misters and larger tabletop versions lend a cooling spritz that’s a welcome stand-in, until you can get to the Pacific.

6. It can connect to your laptop

Computer fanatics, rejoice. You can plug your fan into your laptop with a USB cord. Which means you can surf with the wind in your hair, metaphorically speaking.

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