10 Pretty Products For Your Kitchen

September 12, 2017

10 Pretty Products For Your Kitchen

You want your food to be aesthetically pleasing…and the tools you use to prepare it. The prettier they are, the more you’ll be inspired to cook (and eat!). These kitchen products are eye candy you can actually use.

1. Toaster

The clean lines and contemporary accents of Mid-century modern design have made their way to your countertop in this 1950s-style, vintage steel toaster that would’ve looked right at home in Betty Draper’s kitchen.

2. Stand mixer

A slick, metallic stand mixer adds a seriously chef-y vibe to your kitchen, even if you’re not the world’s best baker.

3. Juicer

Showing off a sleek, compact juicer makes a bold style and culinary statement, solidifying the rock star status of people who drink their fruits and veggies.

4. Tea kettle

It doesn’t get any cuter than a tea kettle with a message that reads, “Whistle while you work,” on the spout.

5. Ice maker

Ice is kind of boring on its own. But when you put it in a bright, playful portable ice maker, you suddenly have a punchy focal point for your party. Who wants cocktails?

6. French press

More a work of art than a coffee maker, a stoneware French press with a hombre-like finish adds major flair to your morning Joe.

7. Microwave

This copper and black showpiece is what happens when you give a microwave a red carpet makeover.

8. Food processor

No matter how you chop, dice, or slice it, a food processer will always be pretty in pink.

9. Soda maker

The combination of slick metal, striking color, and curved accents show exactly how cool a soda machine is.

10. Food scale

A digital food scale in an effervescent, pastel color makes the practice of portion control way less serious…and even fun.

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