5 Ways Smart Home Security Makes Life Easier

September 19, 2017

5 Ways Smart Home Security Makes Life Easier

With just a few smart buys, you can run your home more efficiently–and make it more secure—without actually being there. These are the clever conveniences you never knew you needed, but won’t be able to live without.

1. You can always be home, even when you’re not

With smart door locks and video doorbells, you don’t physically have to be at home to see and speak with visitors or let them in. Let’s say you’re leaving your teen behind (to binge-watch Modern Family) while you’re out to dinner. Want to know if anyone unexpectedly drops by? Your video doorbell will alert you via smartphone. Need to let in the plumber while you’re at work? With a smart lock, you can give him a code for the keypad and even speak to him to tell him which sink is clogged.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

August Home® Smart Lock Home Kit

2. You can keep watch from anywhere (discreetly)

Maybe you want to know what your dog (or nanny) is up to during the day, or the peace of mind that your home isn’t susceptible to intruders. The newest indoor and outdoor cameras are small and sleek, featuring live video streaming with sound that you can access through a phone app.

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Canary All-in-One Home Security System

3. You can control lights remotely

Gone on vacation—and forgot to turn off the laundry room light? With connected bulbs, you can correct that in seconds via your smartphone. You can also set timers and dimmers remotely, and change up bulb colors (say, when you’re having guests over for a party).

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 4-Bulb Starter Kit

4. You can (effortlessly) monitor your kid’s internet activity

Easily set time limits, filter content, and pause access on any connected device using this genius gadget.

Circle™ with Disney® Wi-Fi Parental Control Device

5. You can grill salmon indoors without setting off the fire alarm

A smart fire alarm can distinguish between real fire and, say, burnt popcorn. This one even speaks in a calming human voice when it detects smoke, performs monthly self-tests, and can send alerts to your phone.

Nest Protect Second Generation Battery Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm


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