7 Essentials For The Best Cup Of Tea

September 22, 2017

7 Essentials For The Best Cup Of Tea

Where coffee is about revving you up for your day, tea is about finding time to slow down and relax. “People associate tea with comfort,” says tea blogger Lu Ann Pannunzio. “We drink it when we want to unwind,” which is all the more reason to make that moment special. Here are the tools to do it.

A really nice kettle

Pick a mid-century, retro-looking kettle in an adorable pastel color. Or go in the opposite direction with an ultra-modern, hand-blown water kettle. There’s also cordless and electric, if you don’t have stove access.

A personalized mug

Put your name, initials, quote, or favorite photo on a personalized mug.

A flavor infuser

It works like a strainer to infuse fruity flavors and herb concoctions into your tea, hot or iced. A travel tumbler is ideal when you’re on the go, and a pitcher is a win for parties.

A formal serving set

Use it for garden parties and when your mother-in-law visits.

A chic container

Store your tea bags in an attractive bamboo box with convenient compartments.

A milk frother

Give your matcha latte a frothy, foamy head using this tool.

A honey jar and dipper

You know that artisanal honey you have sitting in your pantry for special occasions? Use this when you finally decide to serve it.

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