10 Little Luxuries That Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

October 12, 2017

10 Little Luxuries That Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

Your bathroom is already a retreat of sorts (you know you’ll get some peace and quiet). But you can make it even more of a spa-like space with a few key products. Jessica McCarthy, design expert from Decorist, shares 10 little luxuries that can boost your bathroom’s relaxing vibe.

1. Ultra-plush towels

They’re the easiest upgrade—and once you make the switch, the impact is instant, says McCarthy, who favors Frette at Home Milano Bath Towel Collection. “The design is minimal and elegant, and production is high-quality. They’re made of the most buttery-soft cotton.”

2. Cushy rug

Sinking your toes into this thick, lush rug is bathroom bliss. Even better: Its simple, refined design works with both traditional and modern bathroom styles, says McCarthy.

3. Resort-style shower curtain

Though it’s considered a “basic,” a luxe-looking curtain is anything but. Case in point: the Wamsutta® Baratta shower curtain, which “brings a tailored, yet relaxed look to the bathroom,” says McCarthy. You can even add a monogram to personalize it.

4. Waterproof speaker

It’s an undisputed fact that music enhances relaxation. So why not bring some tunes to your bath with a floatable, submersible speaker?

5. Scented bubble bath

“You can’t have a spa experience without an aromatic bubble bath,” says McCarthy. Her pick: orange- and vanilla-scented bubble bath by Honest. (The scent of orange is said to alleviate anxiety; vanilla is touted to induce calmness.)

6. Bath pillow

Slipping into some warm, sudsy bubbles and resting your head on a curved, cloud-like pillow takes “me time” to a whole new level.

7. Luxe robe

Craving that zen-like state you experience at a spa? “You can get close by swaddling yourself in this plush cotton terry robe,” says McCarthy.

8. Soft slippers

Comfy memory foam meets cozy cotton in what will soon become your favorite pair of slippers. Ever.

9. Coconut oil

Both aromatic and therapeutic (with health benefits for hair, skin, nails, and more), coconut oil has developed a cult following. Mix in your favorite essential oil, and use it as an after-bath balm.

10. Fragrance diffuser

Spritz your bath—or the entire room. This diffuser delivers 10 hours of stress-reducing aromatherapy.

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