5 Ways To Make Your Guest Room Warm And Welcoming

October 27, 2017

5 Ways To Make Your Guest Room Warm And Welcoming

Nothing says “make yourself at home” like a space that’s set up for guests to relax and unwind. Whether you have a dedicated guest room or a home office that does double duty, these five easy decorative guest room ideas will make them want to stay awhile.

1. Upgrade your bedding.

The best thing you can do for guests? Make sure they get a good night’s sleep. Invest in luxurious bedding  from a brand like Frette at Home, which uses the finest, softest cotton (they’ll feel so taken care of) You should also have extra down alternative pillows on hand to avoid triggering allergies, and a soft throw for a cozy touch. If your mattress isn’t the greatest, a foam mattress topper can make it feel plusher.

2. Hang window treatments.

Room-darkening and noise-reducing drapes not only guard against sleep disturbances but also help you save on energy costs (less light means less heat and a naturally cooler room).

 3. Add ambiance.

A subtle vanilla or lavender scent—from a candle or an oil diffuser—can make a room more relaxing. Another pampering touch: Lighting that’s soft and soothing at night, and brighter in the morning when your guests get up. The Philips Hue smart lighting kit allows you to control lighting color and set timers from a mobile app.

    4. Take cues from hotel rooms.

    Set up a luggage rack for easy unpacking, and bring in a cushioned bench or arm chair for extra seating. A pair of nightstands with lamps is useful for morning coffee or late-night reading.

    5. Provide the essentials (so they don’t have to ask).

    To avoid awkwardness (Um, could I get a new roll of toilet paper?), leave bathroom supplies, towels, toiletries, hangers, and an extra blanket where your visitors can easily find them.

    -Jessica McCarthy, Creative Director, Decorist

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