6 Cooking Tools That Make Your Thanksgiving Meal Taste Better

October 28, 2017

6 Cooking Tools That Make Your Thanksgiving Meal Taste Better

It’s one of our most food-centric holidays—and when you’re putting in the time to cook a Thanksgiving dinner, you want it to be the kind that wows your crowd. The keys to a no-fail feast? These six product picks from Sam Zien (“The Cooking Guy”), one of our in-house experts. Each cookware must-have not only boosts the flavor of your food but also makes meal prep easier.

1. Roasting pan with a rack 

This pan’s rack is key because it lets heat circulate, evenly cooking and browning the entire turkey (no need to turn it in the oven). Look for a pan that’s big enough to hold your bird, says Zien, and use it year-round for roasting veggies, pork, lasagna, and more.

2. Hand blender 

This tool gives soups and sauces the velvety texture you get in restaurant versions (and cuts out the labor of mixing by hand). For extra control, try this Braun 7-speed blender—it’s easy to adjust the blending speed by applying more or less hand pressure.

3. Potato ricer 

This genius gadget is your secret weapon for foolproof (never dry, never lumpy) potatoes. “A potato ricer is like a giant garlic press that quickly turns boiled potatoes into a silky-smooth mash,” Zien says. Just stir in seasonings and milk, butter, cream, or truffle oil, and serve.

4. Brining kit 

Moist, flavorful turkey is your goal, right? A brining kit will help you get there. Zien’s pick: The Fire & Flavor brining kit, which comes with a blend of seasonings and brining bag (major time saver) and also works on fish or any type of meat.

5. Multi-cooker 

The flavors in your bone broth or squash soup need time to simmer and develop. Enter the multi-cooker. It can slow cook anything and also make rice and risotto without your having to stand over the stove, says Zien. (Try our ten slow-cooker recipes).

6. Customizable coffee maker 

When you’re hosting, you don’t want to have to think about making a pot of coffee. A programmable coffee maker like this Braun model lets you set it and forget it, so you can spend more time focused on your guests. It brews up to 12 cups, with the ability to adjust temperature and strength so you can brew it just the way you like it.

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