6 Easy Ways To Make Your Bedroom Cozy

October 05, 2017

6 Easy Ways To Make Your Bedroom Cozy

With the shorter days, longer nights, and cooler temperatures, you probably want your bedroom to feel a tad bit cozier. Try these six easy tips from design expert Megan Pflug of Megan Pflug Designs to take your bedroom to a new level of comfort.

1. Make a fluffy bed

We mean so fluffy that you sink into it. The easiest way to achieve that: Layer your bed with quilts and comforters made from the finest materials. For even more softness, stuff your comforter into a plush cotton duvet cover.

2. Bring in tons of texture

“Where summer is light and sparse, autumn is about warmth, with layers and textures,” says Pflug. Think velvet throws and chunky knit blankets and pillows on the bed and chaise lounge; place a smaller faux fur rug on top of a summer sisal rug as a cushy landing for your feet.

3. Go for plaid

Plaid patterns signal the arrival of fall, says Pflug–and there’s a plaid for every personality. Traditionalists can go for classic looks in red, blue, and neutral tones. Feeling experimental? Mix plaid with other geometric patterns for an edgier, more eclectic look.

4. Add lighting and mirrors

“You want soft, ambient lighting for nights spent reading in bed,” Pflug says. Warm up your nightstand with a table lamp that gives off low, soft light, or try wall sconces, which add character to walls. Design trick: Place a mirror across from your lights to cast a glow over your entire bedroom.

5. Sprinkle in some flowers and candles

“Fresh flowers by the bed aren’t just for summer,” Pflug says. You can make your bedroom instantly more inviting with daisies, marigolds, or late-blooming roses in a vase. Not into flowers? Try a small cluster of feathers instead, and add scented votive candles for a romantic touch.

6. Hang thick curtains

They’re a quick fix for warming up a bedroom. Consider insulated curtains for added warmth, if you live in a chilly area. And look for room-darkening and noise-reducing features that’ll turn your bedroom into a comfy cocoon you’ll want to stay in all through winter.


– Marilyn Zelinsky-Syarto


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