3 Steps To A Festive Christmas Table

November 19, 2017

3 Steps To A Festive Christmas Table

For a dining table that draws double-takes from guests—and double taps on social—follow these easy styling guidelines.

1. Choose seasonal colors and motifs.

Vibrant reds and greens and holiday motifs, like poinsettias, give a table a cheery Christmasy vibe.

2. Sprinkle in some sparkle.

glam xmas table

Table linens with a little shimmer help set a celebratory mood. Add pillar candles, votives or LED lights for a warm and inviting glow. (Choose unscented candles so they don’t compete with food.)

3. Ground the glam.

Balance the bling by keeping dinnerware sleek and understated. We paired classic white dinnerware with clean-lined silver flatware.


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