5 Tech Gadgets That Make Entertaining Easier

November 13, 2017

5 Tech Gadgets That Make Entertaining Easier

Tracking all the moving parts of your party (Is the ham cooked? Are the napkins out?) and actually interacting with guests can feel like a magic act…until now. With some clever voice-activated, app-enabled smart home tech, you can simplify entertaining and be the wine-sipping, guest-schmoozing, worry-free host who enjoys her own party.

1. Amazon Echo

Ran out of cream cheese for the dip or Worcestershire for the Bloody Marys? Call on help from Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant that recognizes voice cues and performs thousands of tasks. Pull up a recipe video on Echo Show; get an ingredient-swap suggestion with Echo Dot; or use either one to phone a foodie friend.

2. Nest® Learning Third Generation Thermostat in Silver

A room can get hot fast when it fills up with people. This smart thermostat let you program the temperature you want as more guests arrive.  And you can easily make changes from your phone app (because someone is always too hot or cold).

3. Google Home & Google Home Mini

You say, “OK, Google…add eight bags of ice to my party shopping list.” And boom, it’s done! Google Home and Google Home Mini can also stream video from your phone or the web to a Chromecast-enabled TV (great for a montage!), switch the playlist, set a timer for your turkey pot pie, and more.

4. Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 Starter Kit

Lighting is the last thing you want to think about during a party. With this kit by Philips Hue, you can program the perfect party atmosphere through an app on your phone (no flipping light switches or running from room to room). Bonus: It’s compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home, so you can change the lights using voice cues.

5. Circle™ with Disney® Wi-Fi Parental Control Device

Adults are in one room—kids are in another—it could be a web-surfing free-for-all. Luckily, this product lets you block certain content and even limit the time they spend online, so you have peace of mind knowing they’re safe.

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