Ellen’s 5 Favorite Things From Her New Fall Collection

November 09, 2017

Ellen’s 5 Favorite Things From Her New Fall Collection

Hi everybody, and happy fall! I love fall. It’s probably my favorite of all the autumnal seasons. One of my favorite things to do in fall is carve pumpkins. I think what I love most about it is that when you start, you think you’re going to carve one thing, and when you finish, it’s something completely different. Today, I started to carve my initials into a pumpkin, but what I ended up with looks more like a bat flying sideways into a rainbow. Being creative can be fun and difficult!

Since it’s fall and I’m talking about my favorite things, I thought I would tell you about some of my favorite pieces in my new ED Ellen DeGeneres fall collection. Everything in the collection goes great with pumpkins, cider, and that apple pie we both know you’re gonna burn.

1. ED Ellen DeGeneres Winslett Slippers

I’ll start with the coziest item first: my Sherpa-lined dog-themed slippers. You know they’re cozy because they have the words Sherpa, dog, and slippers in the name. If you like warm calves and shins (and who amongst us does not?), these are the slippers for you.

2. ED Ellen DeGeneres Animal Shower Curtain Collection

Speaking of adorable animal-themed designs, allow me to tell you about my brand new bath collection. When I say you’re going to want every piece, I mean you are going to want seven of each. I’m talking towels with sheep on them, bunnies on soap dispensers, and puppies on bath mats. I’m talking goats on water glasses, dachshund tissue holders, and an assortment of animals on shower curtains. I’m still talking; I’m talking chickens; I’m talking cats; I’m talking until I lose my voice because your bathroom is about to be taken to the next, most adorable level, and you need to hear me out.

3. ED Ellen DeGeneres Dinnerware

When you’re not in the bathroom (and believe me I’m not rushing you) you’re obviously gonna spend some time in your bedroom and your kitchen. Luckily, I have a new tabletop collection that you will love not only because it’s all about love, but also because it’s very good-looking.

4. ED Ellen DeGeneres Nomad Duvet Cover

And I have a new bedding collection. It’s capital G, capital O, capital R, lowercase g, capital E, capital O, lowercase u, capital S–GORgEOuS. It’s an Indigo color palette that is so soft and soothing, it’s like someone has read you a bedtime story, tucked you in, and whispered, “Everything is going to be okay,” directly into the ear that isn’t touching the pillow.

5. ED Ellen DeGeneres Ludlow Rug

Don’t forget to check out my new jute rug, too. It comes in six colors and five sizes, and it’s classic, just like that Beatles song, “Hey, Jute.”

Okay, I’m gonna get started on a new pumpkin. If all else fails, I’ll pretend I was purposely trying to carve a kayak on top of a tea kettle.

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