3 Steps To An Elegant Christmas Table

December 01, 2017

3 Steps To An Elegant Christmas Table

Want a holiday setup that looks impressive (but doesn’t take a lot of time or effort)? Just stick with these three easy guidelines to pull off sophisticated place settings.

1. Amp up metallic colors

Gold makes anything feel more glam, so we tied it in to the table settings with gold patterned plates, gold-flecked placemats and runner, and even flatware with a gold finish. Silver accents throughout (in the snowflake placemats and napkin rings, for example) add depth and variety. Ground it all with a white tablecloth and classic white candles.

2. Vary heights and textures.

Layering materials can make table settings more dramatic—we placed a snowflake-shaped, beaded placemat on top of a circular flat-weave one, for example. Mix short pillar candles with tall ones, keeping the color the same (we used white) to unify them.

3. Play with pattern.

A mashup of prints looks sophisticated when you do it in the right way. Good rule of thumb: Keep your palette limited (two to three colors) and vary the shape and scale of the patterns—for example, we paired plates with a curvy ogee design with napkins that have more structured stripes. A white-on-white floral print tablecloth rounds out the mix.

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