5 Under $25: Top Fitness Gear for Quick & Easy Workouts

December 26, 2017

5 Under $25: Top Fitness Gear for Quick & Easy Workouts

That New Year’s resolution to get in shape? You can do it—without spending a ton of time or money. These five fitness tools are wallet-friendly and super-easy to fit workouts into your day.

1.  3-Piece Mini Resistance Bands Set with Workout Book

Slim and packable, each of these three toning and strengthening bands offers a different level of resistance, so you can adjust your workout at home or when you’re traveling (#noexcuses). Includes a workout book with step-by-step exercise instructions and illustrated how-tos for good form.

2.  Jump Rope

The jump rope skills you practiced on the playground (how long ago?!) can really pay off.  (A 150-pound person can burn nearly 150 calories in 10 minutes, research shows.) This one comes in a cheery (motivating!) neon green, with comfy padded handles.

3.  Wonder Arms

Scrolling through Instagram while watching NCIS is productivity, in a way—but a better use of multi-tasking TV time? Doing some resistance training. This tool strengthens your entire upper body in just a few minutes, so it’s an easy way tackle some toning.

4.  Everflex Fitness Ball

A staple for Pilates and core workouts, this adjustable fitness ball (for people from 5 feet to 6 feet tall) helps you target a variety of muscle groups, depending on the exercise (we’re thinking, stability ball planks). Plus, it challenges your stability and helps improve balance.

5.  Dragonfly™ Yoga 8-Foot Cotton D-Ring Strap

Feeling flexible? This strap is designed to assist with any stretch, from advanced yoga poses (like dancer’s pose) to simpler moves like touching your toes. Wrap the strap around your foot or ankle (use the d-ring to tighten), and pull the other end gently. Because it’s eight feet long, even tall people will have plenty of leverage. Comes in purple and black.


–Kelly Roberson

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