6 of the Prettiest Planters Ever

January 11, 2018

6 of the Prettiest Planters Ever

There’s nothing better than a plant to liven up a space. Put your greenery on display with one—or some!—of these decorative planters.

INK+IVY Geo Planters in Grey (Set of 3)

Designed to look like stone (but made from durable resin), this chic, faceted trio makes a mantel or console table instantly more stylish, says garden and lifestyle expert Kelly Reilly. “Pot them with any types of succulents for an edgy, artful look.”


Keter® Cozies Knit Round Resin Indoor/Outdoor Planter

With its knit-inspired texture, this planter is a cozy accent for your living room, kitchen, or foyer. “Because it has a shallow bottom and a wide opening, you can display any number of houseplants beautifully,” says Reilly. “I’d go for colorful African violets. They’re small and low-growing, so use multiples for a fuller look.”

Campania Basic Element Long Planter in Alpine Stone

Made from cast stone, this beauty fits in with modern, industrial styles or serves as a cool contrast with farmhouse décor. But it’s a weighty piece (nearly 50 pounds!) and not easy to move, so choose your placement wisely. “It would look beautiful filled with orchids on a table in an entryway,” says Reilly.

Surya Small Decorative Pot in Country Brown/White

With its classic round shape and distressed finish, this sturdy cement planter feels like a family heirloom you’ve had forever, says Reilly.  “Pair it with a hardy snake plant or trailing spider plant, and display it in a dining room or near a picture window.”

Keter® Round 3-Piece Indoor/Outdoor Planter Set in Brown

Great for growing tall plants like a ficus or ponytail palm, these roomy, rattan-style planters work both indoors and outdoors. They’re weather-resistant, durable, and come with drainage holes and plugs. “Keep them in your living room during the winter, and then move them to your porch or deck in the spring,” says Reilly.

Nearly Natural Wooden Hexagon Decorative Planters (Set of 3)

This trio of rustic wooden containers feels warm and welcoming. “For a cohesive look, place one on a bookshelf, another on a desk, and the largest on the floor in the same room,” says Reilly.  She suggests a low-maintenance ZZ plant for the biggest pot—it can grow up to five feet tall!—and pothos plants, known for their cascading leaves and light upkeep, in the smaller ones. Both thrive in low levels of light and only need water when the soil dries out.


-Kathy Barnes

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