6 Products That Turn A House Into Your Happy Place

January 09, 2018

6 Products That Turn A House Into Your Happy Place

Making your home your favorite place on Earth doesn’t have to mean a major reno. All it takes are a few key pieces. Try these picks from the pros to spruce up your space.

Ellia Enchant Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser with Remote  

Scent can change the mood of a room in a flash. And the most efficient delivery method is an essential oil diffuser. Assistant aromatherapy buyer, Janelle Harms, suggests this modern, interactive piece. It changes colors and features a variety of relaxation sounds you control with a remote or phone app, making it “highly customizable and great for entertaining,” she says. And don’t forget to opt for 100 percent pure certified organic oils, which are safe around children and pets. This convenient four-pack lets you customize your own blend.

Wamsutta® Vintage Cotton Cashmere Cable Knit Throw in Oatmeal

“Cashmere is the friend that envelopes you in a warm hug at the end of the day—and it gets better with age,” says Barbara Weston, director of global trends.  A chunky, cable-knit throw like this one is a sophisticated yet cozy accent for a bed, sofa, or comfy chair.

Himalayan Ionic Crystal Candleholder in Natural

Touted to purify the air, these artisanal candleholders made from Himalayan salt refresh the look and feel of any room. Place your favorite tea lights inside for a soothing glow that also checks the wellness box.

 UGG® Flannel Heather Sheet Set

“Sleeping on these Portuguese flannel sheets is like resting on a fluffy cloud,” says Weston. “Nothing beats their warmth on cold winter nights.” Pair the neutral grey or cream color with any comforter in your linen closet, and (poof!) your bedroom becomes a dreamland.

Brookstone® Aqua-Jet Heated Foot Spa® & Earth Therapeutics®

Every happy home needs a foot spa, Weston says. “I love how it’s there waiting to massage my feet at the end of long day,” she says. Her pick: This spacious model with powerful jets and a removable pumice stone to soften calluses.

Candy Cane Shea Butter Infused Socks

To extend the foot-pampering, Weston suggests “socks with benefits.” This pair moisturizes with shea butter and lasts up to 15 washes.

–Sarah Egge

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